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February 26, 2014 2639

I dont want to buy an Older Motorhome Because I Don't Want a Project!

Older Motorhomes Have Apparent Flaws and Massive Hidden Value!

by Joe Bruno

This 2003 Monaco Executive 500 HP Diesel luxury touring coach can be purchased with a warranty for about what you would pay for a brand new "Entry Level" Class A Gas Motorhome!

Click Illustration for Larger Image
My Customers Terry and Sue standing in front of this Top of the Line 2008 Monaco Signature that can be purchased for about the same price of a Brand New "Entry Level" Tag axle Diesel Pusher

I am currently showing 2 Luxury Motorhomes that are offered at a fraction of their new list price. One at just over $300,000 and one at just over $100,000.

When looking to purchase a pre-owned Luxury Motorhome, you "Must" understand that you are looking at a Coach that would cost around three quarters of a million dollars if it was new. Very easy to fix scratches and maintenance issues can be corrected very easily for very little, when compared to the savings in purchase price and extra value.

Buyers can be fickle when it comes to cosmetics as they are with the way that they see themselves and perceive others by looks alone.

If I walk into an executive job interview dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, I would not get the job. In the case of purchasing a pre-owned car, Does the same apply?

I just purchased a 2008 Toyota Avalon Limited that had a big dent behind the rear DS wheel, scratches all around the body. It had every option available in 2008. I invested about $3,500 into a complete paint job, new tires and some interior things. I now have a car that will give me all I can get from a high end luxury car for the price of a new golf cart.

Is a beautiful fashion model not still beautiful if her lipstick is faded and her blush is worn?

Are cosmetic flaws in a pre-owned Luxury Motorhome more important than $50,000 in hidden value?

Think about it...Please!

The $300,000 Monaco Signature has a few age related flaws that can be fixed for under $5,000. I am taking it to a body shop to have the aged 3M Mask off of the front and repaint to better than new luster, It has a few scratches around the body that were pointed out to me when showing over the past few weeks.

I am taking these to issue and getting rid of them. I am having the coach clear coated and sanded to make it look better than new. After addressing these non-service related issues, I can then show the real value such as a 600 HP Cummins engine with 29,000 miles and a list of items that are in coaches that cost a million dollars or more in todays new market.

Dealers charge tens of thousands of dollars on issues that can be done by your service person for a fraction of what they charge. Call me at 888-334-8216 to find out about the values that are out there in a pre-owned luxury coach that fits your needs!

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December 27, 2013 2554

Steady Values Over Last Provide Better Buying Opportunities for Financed Buyers!

Year Over Year Values Steady!

by Joe Bruno

If you were trading, this meant your trade also dropped in value which meant you had to borrow more money. If your credit score was not a heavenly 780 or higher, you were out of luck and would have to hang on to what you had or lower your wants to a coach of lesser quality than what you already had, just to get a newer one. It would compare to trading a 2005 Mercedes for a 2009 Kia!

The January Books are out online and show prices just a little above last January and a little below the 2012 books.

Historically though defying the logic of supply and demand, RV values drop every year regardless of buyer demand because dealers set the prices they pay well below reported values. This was true until the May 2010 saw a 5% average increase in values.

Now, increased supply and demand as well as better informed "web surfing" buyers are adding into the fact that dealers have very little "good" pre-owned inventory are causing reported valuations to go up.

In both the March and May Books in 2013, values jumped to a combined 14% increase in the value of My personal Coach. (2003 Monaco Executive). I am expecting a similar increase this year since the price of new coaches continue to lurch upward!

Banks are much easier to get financing through today, though they still require 2 years tax returns. Th steady value also helps the leander in figuring the amount they will lend out. All in all, you will have a better time borrowing this year than in the previous 5 or 6 years!

This could be the year that the logic in buying a pre-owned 2 - 5 year old coach and updating for $10,000 to $30,000 will win over buying a Brand new similar coach for twice as much.

Re-upholstering or replacing furniture is a given in buying a house, why not the same in a motorhome. When you are looking, make sure to look for quality over age. Why buy a $250,000 "Home Depot" level coach when you can buy "Tiffany" for the same price!

Call 888-334-8216 or 941-926-8335 for more information on how to save $$$$$

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October 29, 2013 2488

Why Not Buy Pre-owned and Save Hundreds of Thousands

How To Find Hidden Value in Older Motorhomes

by Joe Bruno

This coach now for sale at $110,000 is listed at 25% of it's new retail list price of $440,000. In todays market the new version of this coach would be over $700,000

Click Illustration for Larger Image
This high end Van Type Class B is perfect for weekend getaways and state parks but can become a bit uneasy on a two or three month tour across the country.

My personal coach is up for sale and has been completely updated to meet the features of the few high end new coaches that are built at this time retailing as much as 7 times the price of my 10 year old coach.

A summary of the current new coach business!

Today, a coach with a 500 HP Cummins Diesel and an Allison 4000 transmission built to go a million miles is approaching the $1,000,000 mark! 10 years ago, less than 50 of each higher end model would be built by American Coach, Country Coach, Monaco Coach and Newmar. These coaches had a retail price in excess of $400,000. Today, of the four manufacturers mentioned, only Newmar and American Coach are still producing their high end coaches. Monaco still has one large engine coach, The Dynasty and is now a sister company to American Coach. Country Coach, which was the builder of the most expensive and highest end coaches on a large scale is still in business, but is not currently manufacturing coaches while looking for investors.

With new coach prices approaching the one million dollar mark, investing into a unit that averages 4,000 to 6,000 miles per year is a wise choice. There are many lower mileage coaches available at head turning prices. While my coach has already been updated with technology including new cameras, TVs on lifts ultrasuede wall covering, new cabinet designs and trim, there are several hundred high end coaches that are ready for the same type of upgrades that you would do to a house after buying it. The experience of the smooth, quiet ride of a 45,000 plus GVW luxury coach can be had for about the same price as a high end Van Camper (Class B)

For an example of what can be bought at a fraction of a new high end coach, Go to:


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August 30, 2013 2400

There are people powered ways to sell your coach

The RV Wheel-a-tor Can Help You Sell Your RV

by Joe Bruno

That is a pretty fair and friendly way of doing business in the RV world. It does involve a bit of trust between parties. When it is all done there are 3 winners. Nobody gets hurt and usually all of the parties are involved in a "fair" business deal.

Harvard Business School takes responsibility for teaching the term "Win-Win"! The RV Wheel-a-tor takes it one more step to "Win-Win-Win".

Doctors save lives and help people stay healthy "for a fee". Accountants help with complicated financial issues and help people save money "for a fee". Lawyers help people after the are hurt personally,physically or financially "for a fee".

An RV Wheel-a-tor helps RV sellers and buyers transact RV related business "for a fee" after the service is given.

Along with my listing site www.rvbasales.com , there are seller listing consultants including www.rvwheelator.com 520-230-3123 and Dream Finders at 256-272-0150

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August 12, 2013 2377

What Values lie beneath the

Todays Coaches VS 10 Years Ago

by Joe Bruno

2003 Monaco -Holiday Rambler Navigator 45 with a Prevost style, Semi-Monocoque Chassis and 500 HP Cummins Diesel. NADA Value $130,000 to $156,000

Click Illustration for Larger Image
2014 Dynasty (Navistar) 44 with a 475 HP Navistar Diesel MSRP Approximately $445,000

Many coaches built in the golden age of the pre-disaster economy were built by companies who were interested in building a better coach than their competitors. today, as coach manufacturers are more concerned with keeping the doors open, The term value means as much to the manufacturer as it does to the buyer. While auto manufacturers have allowed retail prices to jump about 25% since 2003, Motorhome manufacturers have figured out how to cut production time and have the retail prices jump more than 50%.

"Show Me The Money (Value)"

As a buyer, if you can stomach having to buy a new mattress, as you would in your home, a few new roof AC units, update the electronics and window treatments, flooring etc. again, just as you would with buying a "new to you" home, you can get between two and three times the value that you can from a new coach even if you purchased it at dealer cost. Be a shrewd buyer. Accept the fact, that more likely than not, your next coach is most likely not the last. Before you spend your last available dollar on a brand new coach that fits your budget, check out a 2003 or 2004 top of the line coach and imagine your self ten years younger driving a top of the line coach. You will feel a few hundred thousand dollars wealthier and you bank account will too!

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June 13, 2013 2311

I will tell you a story that again, exhibits "Value" in a "Pre-owned Motorhome Purchase" compared to purchasing a new coach!

Can a purchasing a "Luxury Motorhome" be a financial investment?

by Joe Bruno

Scenario 1 "New Coach Purchase"

FYI! RV Shows are run by trade associations whose boards of directors are made up of "New RV Dealers". Many of their big shows are only open to "Brand New" RV's.

Getting back to my story.

Jim and Jean go to the huge regional RV Show to look at new coaches. They are under the idea that they are going to spend $250,000 dollars on their new luxury coach.

After spending three days walking through dozens of high line coaches, They decide on a 40 ft. Diesel Bath and a half with 4 slide outs. The coach was a steal at a show special price of $229,900, which is about 24% off of it's $302,000 retail price.

Now, we will move ahead nine months and examine the experience of Jim and Jean. After putting 6,600 miles on their new coach by taking a trip to the Yellowstone and other places in between, they learn that they need more space and should have gone with a tag axle 43 ft. coach.

After researching their options, they learn that they will have to pay another $95,000 for a coach that would have cost them $35,000 a year earlier, if they had went a little over their budget. Jim and Jean will have sent $60,000 that they wouldn't have had to spent if the dealer would have talked them up a few feet instead of giving the first time buyers who really did not know what they wanted the coach they asked for.

Scenario 2

First time buyers choosing a pre-owned larger coach as a first coach.

As the "RV Buyers Advocate" I use first hand experience to find the perfect "wrong first coach" for my customers. I offer a point of view that any salesman would get fired for. I talk my customers up in size by showing them the value of the money they will throw away buying the wrong "brand new" first coach.

Remember that most trade associations don't allow pre-owned coaches at the big shows. A buyers advocate can find the best price on a coach that will be below Jim and Jeans budget.

The coach that they chose in January was a 44 Ft 2007 Monaco Signature bath and a half for a price of $259,000, which was more than 60% below the new purchase price of $669,000. Jim and jean were very worried about the coach being too big for them. But a two day training session for about $500 will show them that they made a great investment.

We will move ahead 9 months as we did in the previous scenario. Jim and jean decided to move up to a 45 Ft. Prevost Bus. It turns out that the value of their Monaco Signature went up $39,000 between January and September, unlike the new scenario, where the NADA Value dropped. Instead of trading the Monaco, they sold id through the same broker they bought it through. They would end up getting $30,000 more than they paid for the coach and would end up buying a 2005 Monaco Royal Prevost for $95,000 more than they sold the Monaco Signature for.

Comparison of the 2 scenarios.

The end result of the two scenarios shows our couple Jim and Jean spending the same amount out of pocket and ending up in a coach that was over $1,000,000 when it was new for the same investment as ending up in a brand new coach that would be worth less than half of their out of pocket investment.

Call me at 888-334-8216 to find out how you can get a similar outcome.

*NADA value increased 15% on the 2007 Monaco Signature between the January and May books 2013. The New scenario did not include any specific brand due to the fact that I did not want to single out any certain manufacturer.

The 2007 Monaco Signature and 2005 Monaco Royale Prevost were chosen because they were built by the now defunct Monaco Coach corporation and are no longer built.

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May 04, 2013 2255

This Should Always Be In The Back of Your Mind, Especially if the Coach Sat idle for a Long Time!

When is a Good Time to Think About Chassis Maintanence

by Joe Bruno

When I was directing my customer, Greg from outside the coach, I noticed that after he released the parking brake, the coach did not move. The 1650 Ft/Lbs of torque from the Detroit Series 60 motor should have been plenty to move the coach forward at idle.

Greg gave the throttle a push and the coach finally moved.


If this ever happens when you are moving your coach, there is a problem that will become apparent after hitting the road and getting up to speed.

After maneuvering the coach from the parking area, Greg directed the coach to US 41 South and proceeded to SR 681 heading towards I-75 North. When Greg applied the brakes, the coach did not react as it should. He ended up making a very hard stop, nearly locking up the brakes.


If this ever happens to you, Pull over and contact Tech Support at the chassis manufacturer!

We crossed Highway 41 and started up 681 towards I-75 N. Greg's wife Lisa noticed a brake odor. I assumed it was from the hard stop that occurred before turning on to 681. I ignored the odor and after a couple of miles of noticing it getting stronger leaned forward and noticed smoke trailing behind us.

I told Greg to pull over right away. I exited the coach ran to the back and saw smoke underneath the rear of the coach. I ran back to the door and grabbed the fire extinguisher which was right next to the door.

Since the smoke was billowing out of the passenger side rear wheels, I pulled the pin and pointed the extinguisher at the wheel and shot at the smoke. I then crawled underneath the coach to look for where the smoke was originating and it appeared to be the brakes.

I emptied the extinguisher on all of the brake components. I Googled Monaco Tech support on my I-phone, which got me the phone number. I spoke with a tech support specialist who told me that it sounded like the "slack Adjuster" may have froze up and over heated the brakes.

Slack adjusters are used to adjust for wear on s-cam brakes on heavy and medium sized trucks. I started the engine and put the coach in drive. After releasing the parking brake the coach did not move on its own. I was talking to my friend, Alex Kozlowski, who is a sales veteran at Lazy Days in Tampa. Alex suggested that I put the coach in reverse, which should release the frozen adjuster. It did!

I called my local shop resources and was referred to Tri-County Trucking in Englewood, Fl. I spoke with the owner Paul, who I would eventually coax into coming to us to check the coach out so we could avoid towing this large coach to him.

After he arrived, the brakes were still unlocked. Greg carefully drove the coach and made way to Tri-County shop with Paul following in his truck. The coach will go through a complete brake inspection and service on Monday!

Important lessons Learned from this experience!

1. If the coach hasn't been driven for a long time or has low miles on it for it's age, have the coach checked out by a mobile service.

2. If the coach does not move on it's own after releasing the parking brake, there is most likely a problem.

3. If you smell something burning, PULL OVER IMMEDIATELY!

If we had gone another minute or so, the coach may have caught fire!

Joe Bruno

Greg Still Bought the coach and is having me completely check it out for him!

Video On Youtube of the "Search for Smoke"


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April 24, 2013 2233

When and Where To Look For Motorhome Values

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Motorhome?

by Joe Bruno

When is the best time to Buy?

Timing has to be viewed from two points of perspective.

First Point:

The buyers financial position!

Many first time buyers believe that buying a motorhome is all about getting getting a great deal. They look at their dream purchase as a financial transaction and will wait until they have what they perceive to be, "Appropriate Funds". Sometimes your dream coach may be too far out of reach because the money isn't available.

There are good times to get a good deal on your dream coach. Most people that Winter in the south go up North in the warmer months. The deals are better after you leave. Unless, you stay around a bit past the end of the season!

Visit My "NEW" Virtual show room www.rvbasales.com and view some great deals that have been left behind after the season ended.

Joe Bruno www.rvbuyersadvocate.net 941-926-8335

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April 10, 2013 2210

The Value Of The Motorhome I Am Selling Increased 10% from 01/01/2013 to 03/01/2013

Pre-Owned BOOK Values of RV's are Increasing Substantially?

by Joe Bruno

Redesigned Interior With 37" TV on a Powered Lift.

Click Illustration for Larger Image
The exterior of the coach is nearly perfect! Call 941-926-8335 for more Info!

To keep this "real" I am using my coach as an example to demonstrate the increase in value. In between January 1, 2013 and March 1, 2013, (2 months) My 2003 Monaco Executive increased in base retail value from $134,407 to $148,250.

The Base Retail cost of the coach when new was more than $375,000, plus more than $60,000 in options.

This base retail value does not include the more than $60,000 in factory options when the coach was new.

I feel very optimistic that I have an actual "investment on wheels" based on the "fact" that my coach went up almost $14,000 in value in just 2 months.

After doing research, I have learned that every manufacturers coaches have gone up at different rates than my coach. If you are considering tradind or selling your coach, I recommend that you call your dealer and ask what the January NADA Book reports for Low and Average Retail. They also have wholesale or trade in prices that banks use for RV lending.

You can get more for your trade today!

$111,560 to $123,050

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March 05, 2013 2159


Let's Move On To The Next Topic

by Joe Bruno

Call 888-334-8216 and let us help save you six figures!

Click Illustration for Larger Image
2013 45ft Motorhome

Click Illustration for Larger Image
2006 45ft Motorhome

Click Illustration for Larger Image
2013 New Home

Click Illustration for Larger Image
2006 Built Home

The is no right or wrong answer to this question!

I am only using my experience as any 3rd or 4th time buyer would.

Let me give you some ideas to think about.

First: To beat the dead horse. Would you walk away from a 7 year old house (which is made of wood and nails)that is priced at 1/3 of it's original new purchase price because the sofa is the wrong fabric or the TVs are too old and the mattress is too firm?

Think about this for a minute!

2006 XYZ Motorhome new retail price is $435,000

same coach at today's selling price is $145,000


2013 XYZ Motorhome new Retail Price is $624,994

Same coach with 20% discount Price is $500,000

Now that we have big numbers to look at, lets do some calculations for valuation purposes.

First of all, the Brand New 2013 Coach has a 650 HP Cummins Engine instead of a 500 HP Cummins Engine. It also has a new front nose cap with fancy headlights. The interior looks a little different though the floor plan is identical and yes, fancier TV's, new fabrics and a tempur-pedic style mattress instead of a programmable air mattress.....The cost for these "new" ammenities:


What would it cost you to upgrade fabrics, bedding, TV's or even the engine, roof AC's Flooring, tires etc..

At the most expensive shop in the country, you could spend more than $75,000.

The first year depreciation alone on a new coach could be $100,000 off of the discounted purchase price, while depreciation of the 7 year old coach may be $10,000.

The difference in price for the word "NEW" after upgrades and depreciation could be $370,000 after a year of ownership!

Call me at 888-334-8216 and let me help save you six figures!

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Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno's situation is very rare. He has a financial planning and investment banking background followed by a tour with the most extreme RV lifestyle, Touring the US approximately 100,000 miles in 2 years with the "Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Band" in three larger diesel motorhomes and a Jeep Liberty.

After his tour with the circus ended, he went to work for the dealer who sold him his current coach--Lazy Days RV Super Center. After more than a year of 75-hour-work weeks and little time with his family, Joe moved to another high-end RV dealer.

With the market collapsing and new motorhomes not selling. he decided to go on his own and share his experience and expertise with other RV buyers and established his present company: RV Buyers Advocate.

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