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There Are Several Factors Involved With Purchasing A Motorhome

by Joe Bruno

Own This Mint Condition 45 Monaco Executive for less than a new 36 Gas Motorhome

I consider, in most cases a motorhome purchase as an investment. I have a background in the financial industry as an investment advisor. When I first interviewed for a sales position at Lazy Days in Tampa, Fl. I was asked by the manager why I wanted to sell RVs? I told him that I believe that with my experience as an Investment Advisor and after logging over 90,000 miles in three luxury motorhomes over a few years, I had what it takes to truly help buyers find the right coach. I was told I did not fit their mold at the time because I did not have retail car or boat sales experience necessary to fit their selling system They were right in the end, even though their selling system is second to no other dealer out there in my honest opinion.

Regardless of how good they and all the other dealers are, the main flaw with doing your homework and going to the dealer is that the dealer will sell you what "you want" based from what they have in inventory and your ability to get financing (if needed).

There are several reasons people invest money in the stock markets, real estate or businesses. For investing in the stock market, A knowledgeable Financial Planner or advisor will interview you following the letter of the compliance laws in most cases. The end result is that you will in most cases get your moneys worth and not be in the wrong investments or at least investments that don't meet the "Risk-Reward" criteria you provided in your interview.

There are no compliance laws with motorhome purchasing with the exception of not selling a motorhome to a first time RVer that is not competent enough and licensed to drive a car. The RV Dealer doesn't do much more than make sure that the LP system is secure and the brakes work. Tires must not be too old or have excessive wear or sidewall cracking. Other than that the rest is all customer service oriented. The better the dealer, the more they will do for you.


The Sales presentation.

The Sales Associate (SA) in many large dealers works in conjunction with a manager or closer. The SA is responsible for asking the questions to best help you find the perfect RV for you.

RVBA Rule #1: There is no such thing as the perfect "First" Motorhome.

Once they have you narrowed down to 2 units, they will get you to choose one. Then the SA will bring you an offer from the "Manager/Closer" which is usually a little too high, which is the best case scenario.

The next step is to agree on a price. Once a price is agreed upon, the SA is out of the picture and hands it to the F&I person. If you make it through the financing step, you are now the proud owner of your first "Wrong Motorhome"

My goal, is to help you find the best choice for a first motorhome. It's not going to be perfect, but when you are upgrading to the most right one for you based from your personal experience in your first one, you wont lose your shirt in depreciation and excessive mark-up.

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Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno's situation is very rare. He has a financial planning and investment banking background followed by a tour with the most extreme RV lifestyle, Touring the US approximately 100,000 miles in 2 years with the "Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Band" in three larger diesel motorhomes and a Jeep Liberty.

After his tour with the circus ended, he went to work for the dealer who sold him his current coach--Lazy Days RV Super Center. After more than a year of 75-hour-work weeks and little time with his family, Joe moved to another high-end RV dealer.

With the market collapsing and new motorhomes not selling. he decided to go on his own and share his experience and expertise with other RV buyers and established his present company: RV Buyers Advocate.

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