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A Motorhome Is a Financial Plan

by Joe Bruno

How much do you want to spend is usually the first question out of the sale person's mouth when at the dealer looking to purchase an RV. We are trained to think of it as a purchase instead of an investment.

Many times, I have written about this. Here is a review of some of the key points of your first transaction:

Value VS Price

Investment VS Purchase

Return on Investment

When Am I actually Losing Money

These Questions and Statements will be answered over the next four posts. We at the RV Buyers Advocate pride our success on our mission of helping RV Buyers become RV Investors.


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About the Author

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Joe Bruno

Joe Bruno's situation is very rare. He has a financial planning and investment banking background followed by a tour with the most extreme RV lifestyle, Touring the US approximately 100,000 miles in 2 years with the "Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Band" in three larger diesel motorhomes and a Jeep Liberty.

After his tour with the circus ended, he went to work for the dealer who sold him his current coach--Lazy Days RV Super Center. After more than a year of 75-hour-work weeks and little time with his family, Joe moved to another high-end RV dealer.

With the market collapsing and new motorhomes not selling. he decided to go on his own and share his experience and expertise with other RV buyers and established his present company: RV Buyers Advocate.

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