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July 20, 2011 1200
Ultra-Fab's New Weight Distributing Hitch Promotes Towing Safety and a Smoother Ride

Ultra-Fab's New Weight Distributing Hitch

ELKHART, Ind.--Trailer towing safety was the watchword when Ultra-Fab Products, Inc., designed its new weight-distributing hitch, but it creates more than piece-of-mind--it also provides a smoother ride.

The hitch balances weight between the trailer and tow vehicle and keeps the tow vehicle level minimizing fishtailing; thereby, giving passengers safety as well as comfort.

Constructed from rugged steel, the hitch features a tapered round-bar design and has a durable black-powder coated finish. Included with the hitch is an adjustable high-low shank.

This weight-distributing hitch was tested by an independent laboratory, passing all tests with flying colors and comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Available in three weight capacities:
750-lb. Model Weight Distributing Hitch (p/n 35-946225)
1000-lb. Model Weight Distributing Hitch (p/n 35-946226)
1400-lb. Model Weight Distributing Hitch (p/n 35-946227)

Triple Combo Ultra Weight/Sway Kits

Ultra-Fab is also offering the new weight distributing hitch in their Triple Combo Ultra Weight/Sway Kit--everything you need for towing stability and safety in one convenient package. The combo kit includes the weight distributing hitch, a Ultra Sway Control and a Ultra Hitch Ball.

The sway control reduces sway in towed vehicles and resists sway caused by wind or other vehicles, minimizing fishtailing. The hitch ball is included.

Triple Towing Safety-Comfort Combo Kits:
750-lb Combo Kit (p/n 35-946235)
1000-lb Combo Kit (p/n 35-946236)
1400-lb Combo Kit (p/n 35-946237)

Ultra-Fab's New Weight Distributing Hitch and Combo Kits are available at most RV dealerships, hitch service centers and RV parts and accessories stores. To locate a dealer near you, visit

To download a pdf version of Ultra-Fab's 2011 Product Catalog, go to

------------------------------- Editor's Note:

Dealers and Accessory and Hitch Shops can order Ultra-Fab's New Weight Distributing Hitch through Arrow Distributing, The Hitch Company, Keystone Automotive and Stagparkway.

Ultra-Fab's New Triple Towing Safety-Comfort Combo Kits

by Ultra-Fab Products, Inc.


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