2019 RVIA Economic Impact Study

RVs Move America infographic

RVs Move America Economic Impact Study was released June 3, 2019 at the RVIA annual meeting.

It revealed the RV industry has an overall economic impact on the US economy of $114 billion, supports nearly 600,000 jobs, with more than $32 billion in wages, and pays more than $12 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

The announcement was made by Garry Enyart, RVIA chairman, and Onan/Cummins Director of Mobile Generator Sales & Coach Care.

For more information on the $114 billion total economic impact and what it includes, click here.

Guide Covers Proper Vehicle Flat Towing

Mon Oct 7, 2019
Author: RV News Staff

157046559970130.pngA new guide from RVi Brake for proper flat towing of vehicles offers several important tips plus links to products made specifically for flat towing.

Based in Castle Rock, Colo., RVi’s says its flat towing guide covers which vehicles have special considerations before they can be made flat towing safe, and legal.

RVi has been marketing its auxiliary braking system since 2011 and has since added a number of towing and trailer products and accessories. It added dealer direct sales in 2013 and earlier this year, it expanded its dealer development program with inside and outside sales teams.

Do You Know Your Towed Vehicle, by RVi, starts with a discussion of how to make sure the floorboard brake is fitted correctly and which vehicles need special mounting brackets.

Next, some vehicles must have certain fuses pulled before they are towed and some must be towed with the ignition set to ACC. This can quickly drain the battery. The guide provides a list of which towed vehicles are affected and a brief description of the RVi products designed to compensate.

Third, some vehicle manufacturers require the battery negative lead be disconnected before flat towing. The guide lists which vehicles are included and links to the RVi products that address the issue.

Fourth, the guide shows which vehicles are included in manufacturer advisories regarding towed vehicle rest stops to run through the gears and re-lubricate the transmission and to top off the towed vehicle battery.

Fifth, there are several models from Ford that include an electronics timer that automatically shuts down vehicle power after a certain period when the key is not present. The guide indicates which Ford models are covered and how the RVi 12-Volt Direct Battery Kit addresses the issue.

Sixth, on late-model Jeep Cherokees, a disengaged electronic power steering pump can cause something called the “death wobble” while flat towing. In addition to an amateur video showing what the condition looks like, the RVi guide discusses the FCA service bulletin for the issue and how the RVi Towed Battery Charger prevents battery depletion.

Finally, the guide discusses why it is important to understand the differences in automotive vacuum assist and active braking systems for flat towed vehicles.

A summary of the guide is posted to the RVi website here.

Copies of the RVi Brake Flat Towing Guide are available for download here.