2019 RVIA Economic Impact Study

RVs Move America infographic

RVs Move America Economic Impact Study was released June 3, 2019 at the RVIA annual meeting.

It revealed the RV industry has an overall economic impact on the US economy of $114 billion, supports nearly 600,000 jobs, with more than $32 billion in wages, and pays more than $12 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

The announcement was made by Garry Enyart, RVIA chairman, and Onan/Cummins Director of Mobile Generator Sales & Coach Care.

For more information on the $114 billion total economic impact and what it includes, click here.

Exclusive: Go RVing’s Authentic Stories Reach New Audiences

Mon Oct 7, 2019
Author: RV News Staff

157014267529083.jpgTelling authentic stories is an effective way to reach audiences who may not connect today’s RVs with the experiences that enhance their lives and create lasting memories.

Go RVing has gotten very good finding people to tell those stories.

“Every audience group is looking for those people they believe in and can relate to,” Courtney Bias, RVIA Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications says.

As its has evolved over the past two decades, the industry’s lifestyle marketing effort known as Go RVing has found success in by identifying how RVs can connect people with the experiences they are looking for.

In some cases, it involves attending events where RVs might not be expected, Bias says.

In August, Go RVing created interest and helped dispel misconceptions of what today’s RVs can do at the 37th Annual African World Festival in Detroit.

Among the influencers Go RVing sponsored were the Brothers of Climbing who provided rock climbing demos on an indoor rock wall at the RV exhibit booth.

Also, Britta Brown, a former college athlete, engagement strategist and national traveler, was on hand to discuss travel options in an RV.

Events like the one in Detroit provide GO RVing a chance to bring a human element into the conversation, Bias says.

“It was a great event for Go RVing,” Bias recalls. “We were asked if RVs today are the same motorhomes they went camping with their uncle in years ago. We had people say they were not campers and they ask us questions about trailer weight, sleeping capacity and the different types of RVs.”

GO RVing has also found success connecting with young people with its AWAY series of online stories by outdoor celebrities.

The Unexpected series of video adventures created by Brody Leven drew 20 million views.

Go RVing co-sponsored Levin’s backcountry treks over four seasons chronicled in a series of eight videos.

“The response was fantastic,” Bias says. “There were 20 million views of Brody’s Unexpected series. The year before, our entire video library was viewed 7 million times.”

Go RVing does not sell RVs, she says. In fact, in the AWAY series, some videos or photo essays may not even show an RV. The goal is to show the experiences that await in an outdoor adventure.

“When we get people interested in finding that adventure, they see that an RV can take them there,” Bias says.

Read more about Go RVing’s approach to experiential marketing in the October issue of RV News magazine.