RVIA Economic Impact Study

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association commissioned an Economic Impact Study on the RV industry, released on June 7, 2016. The study found that the RV industry contributes about $49.7 billion in economic output or 0.28 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Through its production and distribution linkages, the industry impacts firms in 426 of the 440 sectors of the United States economy.

Nationwide, the industry is responsible for 216,170 jobs, both directly and inderectly, creating an economic impact of $37.5 billion. The full study results, along with each individual state and congressional district's economic impact is available on the website by clicking here .

Ready RV's New Business Model Reaps Benefits

Fri Sep 9, 2016

147344071464562.jpgMIDDLEBURY, Indiana - About a year ago, Ready RV, a sister company to Team RV Express, unleashed a revolutionary business model upon the RV transport community.

The new strategy requires Ready RV to perform Pre Delivery Inspections on RVs that sister Team RV Express transports to customers all over North America. The new program was dubbed “Ready To Roll” and since then the growth of both companies has rolled right along with it.

“The concept was born from a need that our customers in Canada had so we felt pretty good about doing it,” Ready RV President Mike McGee says. "But we had no idea it would grow as large and as rapidly as it has.”

Since initiating this program just before Open House last year, Ready RV has doubled.

“We now have eight bays instead of four, we have twice as many techs and our warranty department has also doubled,” he says.

On the other side, Team RV Express has added 50 percent more drivers than last year to accommodate the added transport business resulting from the PDI business, according to a press release.

McGee says the concept is pretty simple. Team RV Express has been transporting RVs for 10 years and most of the business is in Canada. Customers were getting units that required repairs and warranty work.

“One of our customers suggested we should do the PDIs and then deliver the units because we could get parts and make the repairs so much quicker than they could in Canada,” McGee says.

That customer was Thomas Geisser, the owner of Layzee Acres in Rama, Ontario, Canada.

“This has helped us tremendously, because when we’re busy selling we are getting units to our retail customers faster and we’re not getting bottlenecked," Geisser says. "It also helps us because now our shop can focus on service work. The whole process is just more streamlined.”

Layzee Acres has been one of the fast-growing RV dealerships in North America despite the softer Canadian market and the poor exchange rate with the U.S. dollar.

“I really don’t think we’d be where we are had we not developed the PDI partnership with Ready,” Geisser says.

The services of Ready RV are not exclusive to Canadian dealerships, according to McGee.

“We have spent the last year working at improving our business share in the U.S. market and we’ve made some improvements because of Ready To Roll,” McGee says.

He also says that no matter where a dealership is located, it is easier for Ready RV to get parts, make repairs and work with warranty than it is for the dealership. One example of U.S. growth for the two Middlebury companies is Pete’s RV Center. Pete’s has dealerships in three different states.

Glenn Blake, operations manager for the Pete’s RV located in Connecticut, echoes what Geisser says about streamlining the PDIs and retail service work at the dealership.

“Ready RV’s attention to detail has contributed to our service department’s ability to increase efficiency and provide better service to our customers,” Blake says.

McGee says that a byproduct to producing good, economical and timely PDIs has been the increased service-related production the dealers are pleased to be seeing.

“We went into this thinking just getting a PDIed unit faster than in the past was good but a significant added benefit has been how much more service work the dealers can do since they aren’t doing PDIs," McGee says.

Ready RV will be open between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for dealers to visit, inspect and ask questions during the Open House week. The shop is located at 51796 Lovejoy Drive in Middlebury. Personnel will be available to answer questions about the process, pricing, turnaround time and anything else. Dealers can contact Sales@TeamRVExpress.com for more information.