RVIA Economic Impact Study

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association commissioned an Economic Impact Study on the RV industry, released on June 7, 2016. The study found that the RV industry contributes about $49.7 billion in economic output or 0.28 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Through its production and distribution linkages, the industry impacts firms in 426 of the 440 sectors of the United States economy.

Nationwide, the industry is responsible for 216,170 jobs, both directly and inderectly, creating an economic impact of $37.5 billion. The full study results, along with each individual state and congressional district's economic impact is available on the website by clicking here .

Luverne Truck Equipment Releases 2017 Master Catalog

Wed Mar 29, 2017

149080374789449.jpgBrandon, South Dakota - LUVERNE Truck Equipment has taken a new approach to this year’s catalog, investing more effort than ever before to provide a truly valuable resource that goes beyond any of its customers’ expectations, according to a press release. The 2017 LUVERNE catalog features a fresh layout, professional photography, rich written content and refined application data.

The new LUVERNE website (luvernetruck.com) that was launched back in November 2016, set an unprecedented standard of quality for future business tools, media and literature pieces.

First, the catalog was designed to mirror the fresh style of the website. It features an easy-to-follow layout with a table of contents, consisting of the company's newly revised product categorization and a complete product index. It also added clean graphics and ensured a consistent presentation throughout the piece.

Second, over the past year, Luverne has invested a great deal of time and effort into creating a library of professional-quality photos of its products. This includes basic white-background shots and in-use shots. This massive resource allowed the company to showcase its products like never before in the 2017 catalog. The new photo library is also being used on the revamped website and is available for your own use on your business website and in literature.

Third, Luverne took a new approach in creating written content for the 2017 catalog, focusing on the key selling features of each of its products and ensuring a complete set of information. It also focused on presenting both the features and the benefits of each product, not just describing physical attributes, but also conveying why each feature is advantageous to you and your customers.

One of the final key components of the 2017 catalog is its application guides. Not only did the company compile and cross-check all of its vehicle data, but also put a great deal of effort into presenting that data in the clearest way possible. The application table for each product is arranged by vehicle make, model, style and year, and it clearly shows the kitted part numbers and individual part numbers wherever applicable.

The 2017 LUVERNE catalog can be downloaded as PDF right now by going to luvernetruck.com. To order hard copies, free of charge, please contact your sales representative.