RVIA Economic Impact Study

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association commissioned an Economic Impact Study on the RV industry, released on June 7, 2016. The study found that the RV industry contributes about $49.7 billion in economic output or 0.28 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Through its production and distribution linkages, the industry impacts firms in 426 of the 440 sectors of the United States economy.

Nationwide, the industry is responsible for 216,170 jobs, both directly and inderectly, creating an economic impact of $37.5 billion. The full study results, along with each individual state and congressional district's economic impact is available on the website by clicking here .

RV News Exclusive: Swan Industries Introduces New Line of Valves

Wed Apr 12, 2017

149201313082366.jpgSwan Industries has a storied history of being one of the pioneers in RV winterization, pump systems and flushing systems in the RV industry.

A few months ago, the company released a brand new line of flushing systems and bypass and winterize valves to the market, in response to many of its customers asking for an updated product.

The new valve is smaller and is designed to make installation quicker and easier, while still featuring the high performance and quality of the lead-free brass valve.

Swan Industries President David Swan says people had been asking for the smaller, more convenient valve and this product is the result of meeting customer demands.

“They really loved the smaller valve. It can be remotely mounted,” Swan says. “Some of the valves out there today are three smaller valves that all have to turn in the right direction to complete a bypass. Our valve is one valve and is nice, small, with a butterfly handle. The valve is a small two-way valve that can be mounted away from the water heater, maybe in the inside of the cupboard opening.”

The product updates were designed with convenience and ease of access in mind, Swan says.

“It used to have a long, blue handle that would get in the way of a wall or a cabinet, so it had to be designed to be away from the wall so it wouldn’t hit the plumbing,” Swan says. “The butterfly handle makes it a lot easier. A lot of RV owners love that they can winterize or de-winterize their unit in less than 10 minutes.”

With the two valves, all an RV owner needs to do is turn the valves to winterize and bypass and put the hose into a gallon of antifreeze. After flushing out the water, the unit can be ready for winter or back in action in 10 minutes, something that Swan says has customers lauding its name.

“People who need to winterize use this in October and they can take it out to a football game in the fall, de-winterize, use the fresh water system and re-winterize because it’s so easy to go back and forth,” he says.

The valves are also being marketed as an aftermarket product, with retrofit options able to adapt to any fittings and the existing plumbing. All of the valves are designed with half inch pipe thread and can adapt to any prior system.

The majority of the Fleetwood models are now offering Swan’s Water Heater Bypass Valve and the winterizing valve as standard equipment, Swan says. While many of Winnebago’s models are offering the flushing system as standard.

The Holding Tank Flushing System has jets inside the holding tank, where the jet head turns the holding tank into a sort of dishwasher feature, cleaning off the probes in the tank so the RV owners can always have accurate readers on the meter.

Many times, debris and dirt gets held up in the tank. When the RV owner goes to a dumping station and uses the Swan flushing system, it lifts all of the residue and debris after each flush, leaving it as a better-smelling and cleaner lavatory versus all of the waste and leftover residue and smell that can be left behind in other situations, Swan says.

Swan Industries holds the industry patent for both the winterization and the flushing system – distinctions that were given 30 and 22 years ago, respectively.

For more information, visit www.swanindustries.com/rv-plumbing-parts/.