RVIA Economic Impact Study

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association commissioned an Economic Impact Study on the RV industry, released on June 7, 2016. The study found that the RV industry contributes about $49.7 billion in economic output or 0.28 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Through its production and distribution linkages, the industry impacts firms in 426 of the 440 sectors of the United States economy.

Nationwide, the industry is responsible for 216,170 jobs, both directly and inderectly, creating an economic impact of $37.5 billion. The full study results, along with each individual state and congressional district's economic impact is available on the website by clicking here .

Web Exclusive: Reese Debuts New M5 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Tue Nov 14, 2017
Author: Scott Hansen

151067433040020.jpgWith so many fifth wheel hitches on the market, Reese wanted to create a fifth wheel hitch that would be instantly recognizable as a Reese product and would stand out to consumers.

Over the last several years, the engineering team at Reese had studied the market and worked to find the best design and the best quality of hitch to attempt to be better than any other similar product. It recently unveiled the product as the M5 Fifth Wheel Hitch.

“We did a complete exploration of the design and the aesthetics of the product,” says Russell Brzezinski, the senior director of product management and strategic growth for Reese. “I equate it to brand identity. Yes, it’s a fifth wheel hitch, but I wanted it to have an iconic look like the golden arches or the Coke bottle. You can take the label off, but you still know it’s McDonald’s or Coke.

“This is the same idea. We wanted to reinforce the idea with a line of products that looks only like a Reece product. Other products on the market, if you took off the label, they could look like anywhere from three or four different manufacturers. We created a hitch with a 20 percent larger head and put in a talon and hook system, a high pin lockout, things of that nature, along with the aesthetics.”

Reese debuted the product at SEMA in Las Vegas to a great response, Brzezinski says, where orders are already starting to come in, even though the product will not be commercially available until the beginning of the year.

Brzezinski says the hitch took several years to come up with, and took input from customers on what people were looking for in the market.

“We really wanted to take our time over the last couple of years to get this right, and I think we have,” he says. “We took a lot of input from the end consumer. Through market research, we looked into what are the issues consumers are having and how can we enhance the towing experience. From that, we incorporated that into part of the design.”

One example of this is the clanking sound that hitches often make when customers are towing their unit. Brzezinski says the team’s research showed that the sound is unnerving to many end users.

Therefore, one of the features on the M5 is the patented locking system that’s attached with a talon and hook feature. This system is designed to stop the clanking noise and is able to shift and lock into place quietly despite the curves and turns the vehicle takes.

The hitch is weighted at 20,000/27,000-pound capacities and a 5,000/6,750-pound pin weight capacity. It features a 14- to 20-inch vertical adjustment and has a Talon Jaw system that extends far enough to be easily reached by the RVer and smooth enough where minimal force can be exerted to put it into place.

“The release handle is the easiest to handle in the marketplace,” Brzezinski says. “Older people, or people with duallys that have to reach in and across the bed and then the force that’s required can be very substantial. You can do the M5 with two fingers.”

Reese will be displaying the new M5 fifth wheel hitch at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in booth 136.