2019 RVIA Economic Impact Study

The new RVs Move America Economic Impact Study, released June 3, 2019 at the annual meeting of RVIA, revealed the RV industry has an overall economic impact on the US economy of $114 billion, supporting nearly 600,000 jobs, contributing more than $32 billion in wages, and paying more than $12 billion in federal, state, and local taxes. The announcement was made by Garry Enyart, RVIA chairman, and Onan/Cummins Director of Mobile Generator Sales & Coach Care.

For more information on the $114 billion total economic impact and what it includes, click here.

Exclusive: Outlook Breakfast Projects Half Million Shipments for 2017

Wed Nov 29, 2017
Author: Scott Hansen

145072659275994.jpgThe 2017 National RV Trade Show opened Tuesday with the Outlook Breakfast, where leaders of the industry presented some statistics and milestones that the industry has reached during 2017, as well as some projections for 2018.

RVIA Chairman Bob Parish said that the influence of the RV industry has been felt throughout the country, including in government, where representatives are working on issues that affect the RV industry.

"RVIA partnered with industry leaders representing all interests of the RV industry to hold its largest congressional outreach in our 16-year history," Parish said. "We had 150 industry participants and added eight new RV Caucus members willing to fight for the $50 billion RV industry."

This coming year will also mark the partnership between RVIA and RVAA, as the aftermarket association will join forces with RVIA for the benefit of the industry.

"The strength of our industry remains unrivaled and we are pleased to welcome the RV Aftermarket (Association) into the fold of the RV Industry Association. This move amplifies our collective voice as we unite to pursue our shared mission to promote and protect the RV industry and ensure a favorable business environment."

RVIA President Frank Hugelmeyer shared some of the industry's forecasts for the remainder of this year and the projections for 2018. He shared the following:

  • Towable RVs will end 2017 at 444,000 units and jump to 455,000 units in 2018.

  • Motorhome shipments will rise to 62,000 units in 2017 and reach 66,000 units in 2018.

  • Total RV shipments are now expected to eclipse the 500,000-unit mark by the end of this year, reaching nearly 506,000 units. Next year's shipments are expected to reach between 510,000 and 525,000, with the most likely projection being just short of 522,000 units, which would mark the ninth consecutive year of growth.

"Considering the RV market's impressive rise, it now is the time to begin an honest conversation about what it will take to build on this momentum," Hugelmeyer says. "How do we go from 500,000 units to 600,000 units? Or, even 700,000 units and beyond?"

Hugelmeyer said the association is leading efforts to improve the customer experience, which includes the quality of new products, service and parts at RV dealerships and the quantity and quality of campground options available to the ever-increasing number of RV owners.

The Outlook Breakfast also celebrated the 20-year anniversary of Go RVing, which has evolved to garner nearly 56 billion consumer impressions in the United States, according to Airstream President and Go RVing Co-Chair Bob Wheeler.

After the industry leaders presented their information to the gathered audience at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche gave his presentation, which gave several tools to businesses on how to stay innovative in a business market that is always changing.

Gutsche said the key to being successful is to become better at adapting to change and faster at finding new idea. Companies who became complacent and confident that doing the same things that worked every year before would eventually see the end of their businesses, citing examples such as Blockbuster.

Gutsche mentioned three traps that companies get into and that today's businesses must avoid:
  1. Becoming complacent

  2. Being repetitive

  3. Becoming protective of egos

Likewise, he mentioned three qualities to espouse for the business to become successful and stay that way through any change in business or evolutions in the marketplace.
  1. Be insatiable – How often do you experiment with ideas that may not work and how different would you be if you knew that your competitors were working 24/7 to eat your lunch?
  2. Be curious – Are you always hunting new opportunities?

  3. Be willing to destroy – How similar would your approach be if you decided to start a project or an idea over from scratch?

"Our daily task is marked by self-improvement and a desire to innovate," Gutsche says.

After Gutsche's remarks, the show floor opened and the buzz of business and networking opened once again.