2019 RVIA Economic Impact Study

The new RVs Move America Economic Impact Study, released June 3, 2019 at the annual meeting of RVIA, revealed the RV industry has an overall economic impact on the US economy of $114 billion, supporting nearly 600,000 jobs, contributing more than $32 billion in wages, and paying more than $12 billion in federal, state, and local taxes. The announcement was made by Garry Enyart, RVIA chairman, and Onan/Cummins Director of Mobile Generator Sales & Coach Care.

For more information on the $114 billion total economic impact and what it includes, click here.

ASA Electronics Announces New Multimedia Navigation System Product

Thu Jun 2, 2016

146487827932691.jpgELKHART, Indiana – ASA Electronics has released the multimedia navigation system JRV9000 to the RV market.

The system features a large, 6.2” touchscreen with an incredible feature set including Bluetooth, Sirius XM capabilities, HDMI/MHL input and extensive navigation options.

“Built for Type A and C motorhomes in the RV market, this system incorporates RV specific functionality with multi-camera embedded switching, programmable navigation by vehicle size, along with Canadian maps which usually require a separate purchase,” ASA RV Industry Manager Jennifer King says.

The embedded switching eliminates the complicated controls used on other models. A typical RV backup system has three cameras, one for each side and one on the back. When paired with traditional aftermarket navigation systems, an external switcher box needs to be installed into the RV’s wiring and requires the driver to use the existing knobs and mechanisms around the driver’s seat, such as the turn signal, to switch between the camera angles viewable on the screen.

With the JRV9000, the switcher box is eliminated and a driver can easily toggle between camera angles through the highly responsive touch screen.

By eliminating the external switcher box, extra labor costs and issues also have been eliminated. Being easier to install, time and money are even saved on the RV production line.

“I’m really excited about bringing this full featured navigation system to the market," King says. "It is the latest development in our diverse lineup of dash stereos for the motorized market. And it addresses many of the challenges within the RV category.

For more information, visit www.ASAElectronics.com.