2019 RVIA Economic Impact Study

RVs Move America infographic

RVs Move America Economic Impact Study was released June 3, 2019 at the RVIA annual meeting.

It revealed the RV industry has an overall economic impact on the US economy of $114 billion, supports nearly 600,000 jobs, with more than $32 billion in wages, and pays more than $12 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

The announcement was made by Garry Enyart, RVIA chairman, and Onan/Cummins Director of Mobile Generator Sales & Coach Care.

For more information on the $114 billion total economic impact and what it includes, click here.

RV Industry Leaders Tout $114 Billion Impact on US Economy

Tue Jun 4, 2019
Author: RV News Staff

155966038346725.jpgIndustry leaders are headed to Capitol Hill today to share results of a study that shows the RV business contributed $114 billion to the U.S. economy in 2018. They’re meeting with the RV Caucus, a group of lawmakers who are known as supporters of the industry, to go over the data RVIA released during its annual meeting on Monday in Washington, D.C., spokeswoman Sarah Neely says.

The RVs Move America Economic Impact Study shows the industry supports almost 600,000 jobs nationwide and pays more than $32 billion in wages. It contributes more than $12 billion annually in federal, state and local taxes.

“What the study reveals is that RVs are not just the familiar highway scene of an American summer,” RVIA Chairman Garry Enyart says. “RVs are the heart of an industry that has become an American juggernaut, a business that has tripled in size since the Great Recession.”

In 2018, 482,389 RVs were made in the U.S. RV manufacturers and suppliers generated $68 billion, the results show. Campgrounds and related travel businesses brought in $25.6 billion. The data shows RV sales and service made another $20.1 billion.
States that have robust RV manufacturing and sales see the biggest economic boost from the industry. Indiana tops the list with more than $32 billion annually, followed by California, Texas, Oregon, and Ohio. In each of 29 states, the industry has a value of at least $1 billion, the study shows.

Wholesale RV shipments totaled 483,672 in 2018. Towable trailers accounted for 88 percent of shipments to dealers and motorhomes made up the rest, results show.

The 25 million Americans who travel in RVs each year also often go camping, hiking, boating and fishing. Their activities support outdoor recreation businesses, which account for 2.2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis. And, of course, they spend money along the way, benefiting other businesses too.

The study includes companies involved in the manufacture, sale, rental, repair, storage and service of RVs. The annual report also accounts for the aftermarket industry, the financing and insurance of RV purchases and travel.

The New York-based economic research firm John Dunham & Associates conducted the study. More information, including data on the industry’s financial impact for each state and congressional district can be found at RVsMoveAmerica.org.