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December 03, 2011 1400
Newest Design Concept by Christopher Deam Shown at 49th Annual National RV Trade Show
Airstream Unveils Sterling Concept Trailer

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JACKSON CENTER, Ohio -– Airstream unveiled its newest design concept to the world at the 49th annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. The Airstream Sterling Concept Trailer, designed by architect Christopher Deam, is latest statement from the brand that continues to push the limits of forward-looking design. The collaboration between Airstream and Deam continues the partnership that started more than a decade ago with the 2001 Airstream International CCD.

The most striking design feature of the Sterling Concept trailer is the use of anodized aluminum surfaces for the interior. Deam wanted to bring the unmistakable appearance of the Airstream’s exterior to the interior of the unit and use a premium, lustrous material that provided plenty of light and reflectivity. The aircraft-like aesthetic and modern monocoque design required high precision, resulting in a product that is both aggressively modern and timeless.

The Sterling Concept trailer features bright yellow woven vinyl flooring that has a soft, luxurious feel and is perfectly complemented by the white ultra-leather upholstery and classic midcentury Merimekko fabric used throughout the unit. All countertops and rooflockers are edged with pure aluminum extrusions which harmonize with the aluminum interior skin and premium fixtures in the galley and lavatory.

“Airstream is the ultimate object of design,” said Deam. “The Sterling Concept trailer project was a true collaboration with Airstream and forced us both to push the limits of what is possible. For a designer it is always great to work with a brand where you can exercise furniture and product design together with manufacturing – it is the ultimate!”

The Sterling Concept captures what is essential about Airstream travel trailers and imparts to it a modern flair, demonstrating Airstream’s continuing commitment to be a thought leader for the RV industry. “This concept trailer represents a fresh take on Airstream, and we think it will appeal to people who are design-savvy and appreciate quality construction and unique, modern design,” said Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler.

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