American Adventures RV Partners With No Dirty Air for Florida Distribution

A row of clean, shiny travel trailers on a parking lot with their awnings out and doors open.

American Adventures RV in Bushnell, Florida has joined forces with No Dirty Air as an exclusive RV distribution partner for the state of Florida for the air systems company’s NDA – Mobile device. 

“Our product has so many life changing benefits, it strengthens the immune system, prevents infections and immune system deficiencies by destroying fungi, bacteria and viruses,” said No Dirty Air Co-Founder John Sztykiel. “We are so excited about this partnership because American Adventure RV is a leading edge RV Dealer that is led by Mandy Alonso and Jennifer Germain. Not only are they exceptional on the RV side but have an all around a passion for life as well. Mandy Alonso in particular understands the benefits and wide ranging applications for activated oxygen/ozone. When Mandy reached out to us with such passion behind our product and eagerness to help others by getting this product out there, we both knew that our companies’ core values clicked.”

NDA – Mobile allows for no-contact cleaning, using activated oxygen and ultraviolet light to attack viruses, bacteria, odors and more.

NDA – Mobile is designed to process 4.65 cu.ft. per minute of air in a user’s office, home, vehicle, RV, boat or any occupied space of 500 to 2,000 cu.ft. in size. The basis for the technology incorporates two natural atmospheric cleansers: UV light and activated oxygen/ozone. NDA – Mobile circulates air through the first stage of treatment, the activated oxygen reaction chamber which oxidizes carbon based pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses. The second stage of treatment is the UV light, this further treats the air as well as lowers ozone levels exiting the reactor.

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“We are very excited about this partnership, we care so much about our guests ,employees and families. No Dirty Air Mobile is unreal when you really look at it,” said AARV Owner Mandy Alonso.

Alonso highlighted a few points that make the NDA-Mobile product a success:

  • Lightweight, it can fit in a purse, suitcase, backpack, anywhere as it’s just a little larger than a bar of soap
  • 12V to 110-240, solar, car, global
  • 2 Stage, activated oxygen/ozone and UV light
  • Durable, one could drop a brick on it and it would still run
  • Safe as you can be in the same room with it
  • Natural, no chemicals, no residue
  • Filterless
  • Made in the USA

“This product is going to change their lives. Your worries are over, this little device will keep you free from allergies, bacterias, viruses and odors, and boy does one get odors on an RV trip, heck you are living together,” Alonso said. “This amazing product goes with you anytime and anywhere giving you healthy, clean air. I have been in the RV business for a long time and have never seen anything like it. It has so many health benefits, the power of Mother Nature through activated oxygen/ozone and UV light is unreal in so many ways. At American Adventure RV we are here to serve the great state of Florida, not just the RV industry. It’s time to start living and enjoying all the blessings in life, germ and bacteria free.”

American Adventures RV will offer the NDA device to not only their guests but to any one who wishes to buy one. 

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