Canadian Officials Decline RV Towable Transportation Exemption

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The Canadian RV Association (CRVA) said it received notice from Transport Canada (TC) that the agency would not grant exemptions to the country’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations for towable RV transports.

However, motorized RVs transported to Canadian RV dealerships will fall under an ELD Device exemption granted by Transport Canada.

The regulation takes effect Jan. 1, 2023. CRVA and other industry representatives held discussions with Transport Canada officials for months over the potential exemption.

“With respect to Towaway,” Canada’s executive director-road safety and vehicle regulations wrote to CRVA, “there were a number of issues raised during the consultation process, that precludes the granting of an exemption for Towaway at this time. Given these comments, TC will organize further discussions with provinces & territories and industry in the new year to try to find a path forward.”

CRVA said it expressed the industry’s disappointment, both with the decision and the agency’s late notice.

“We have been assured that TC will resume discussions as soon as possible in the New Year,” CRVA said.

CRVA said a possible temporary solution would be to have Towaway Commercial vehicles use the Motive-Driver logging app available at

“While it is not a true ELD device that is attached to the vehicle,” CRVA said, “it at least tracks the driver’s hours of service digitally.”

CRVA also urged drivers to carry copies of an email from the executive director in their vehicles in case they are stopped. Drivers who have not received an email from CRVA are encouraged to email CRVA President Shane Devenish at [email protected] to receive a copy.

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