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A picture of the back of an RV driving away from the camera down an oceanside highway. Text imposed on the image says, "Guide. The RVillagers Guide to RVing. Compiled from the voices of RVillage."

Social Network Offers Guide for First-Time RVers

As RV travel continues surge this summer, with many people embarking on RV adventures for the first time, RVillage has compiled an assortment of advice and recommendations for novice RVers. RVillage is a social network exclusively for RV enthusiasts, and The RVillagers Guide to RVing is available for free on the social network’s blog.

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a picture of microscopic COVID-19 with a manacing picture of a skull photoshopped into the largest coronavirus cell

RV Industry Pitches In During Coronavirus Crisis

We are all doing what we can to cope and to help others during this coronavirus outbreak, and the RV industry is no exception. Time and time again RV businesses across the country have served a critical role during times of disaster – and the RV industry stands ready to help again during this current coronavirus pandemic.

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