Chip Shortage Leaves GM Cars at Standstill

A picture of GM Cars Stacked on Lots

Factory lots in Detroit resemble Elkhart, Indiana, circa fall 2020.

General Motors said the automaker has 95,000 cars in its inventory as of June 30 that are built but cannot be shipped because they are lacking certain components – notably, semiconductor chips.

The cars were expected to be shipped to dealers by the end of the second quarter of 2022. GM said “substantially all” cars will be finished and shipped to dealers by the end of 2022.

The situation recalls stacked staging lots in Elkhart in September 2020. Couches, electrical circuits, refrigerators, air conditioners and toilets missing from RVs prevented dealer shipments.

The semiconductor chip shortage has snarled numerous industries since 2020 but as automakers such as GM continue to struggle to supply cars, motorhome manufacturers have told dealers to expect limited deliveries until the supply-chain snags unfurl.

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