Coleman-Mach Soft Start Kit Available

A picture of the Coleman Mach Soft Start Kit

After debuting at distributor shows last fall, Airxcel’s Coleman-Mach brand soft start kit is available to aftermarket customers.

The company said the soft start kit installs on existing Coleman-Mach air conditioners and reduces compressor starting amps up to 75%. The result, Airxcel said, is improved energy efficiency and protection against premature component degradation.

“As a consummate partner to our aftermarket customers we strive to design products that elevate the RV experience not just in terms of comfort but also efficiency,” said David Gehlen, product manager for Coleman-Mach. “This includes expanding our line of RV efficiency products so current RV owners can easily enhance the performance of their AC unit without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics or cooling power.”

The soft start kit is exclusively for Coleman-Mach’s premium air conditioner line, the company said. The soft start kit mounts inside existing air conditioners without impacting the RV’s exterior aesthetics or the Coleman-Mach’s manufacturer warranty validity. Airxcel said the soft start kit is best installed by a qualified RV technician.

“We kept the dynamic growth and interest in the EV market in mind when designing the Coleman-Mach soft start kit,” Gehlen said. “AC units with a soft start installed are ideal when powering Coleman-Mach air conditioners with lithium battery packs used in recreational vehicles and EV applications. At Coleman-Mach we want to support RVers on the road now and help to push the development of energy-efficient vehicle design in the RV industry.”

When retrofitted within an existing AC unit, the soft start kit will improve start-up performance, Airxcel said. The company said the Coleman-Mach soft start kit is particularly useful in air conditioners for overland vehicles with a small generator and builders expanding into electric vehicles.

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