Dometic Releases Slim RV Air Conditioner

A picture of the Dometic FreshJet air conditioner

Dometic launched its FreshJet 3 Series air conditioner line. The company calls the air conditioner line the latest innovation in RV cooling.

Weighing an average 65 pounds, the FreshJet 3 is 14% lighter than previous Dometic Brisk II air conditioners.

Dometic President of Segment Americas Oliver Bahr said the company wants people to think about Dometic first when it comes to innovation and design of RV air conditioners.

“We know people look for three primary requirements of their AC: cooling capacity, powerful airflow, and quiet function,” Bahr said. “We have listened to our end users and put those changes first with this new design.”

The company said the AC consumes less power and cuts perceived sound by one-third compared with previous units. FreshJet 3 features a polished, modern appearance and uses 28% less refrigerant than previous Brisk II models.

“We want to help our consumers gain greater access and go further on their adventures,” Bahr said, “all while knowing they can come back and enjoy a good night’s sleep thanks to the comfort provided by the ultra-quiet and high-performing FreshJet air conditioner.”

The FreshJet will be available to consumers by November’s end.

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