EXCLUSIVE: Aims Power Unveils Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator

A picture of the Aims Power Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator

Aims Power released a 300-amp Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator late last month.

“It is for people with any kind of recreational vehicle,” said Laura de Jong, Aims sales and marketing vice president, “who are using their main battery and possibly an extra battery to power all their items in a vehicle.”

The isolator monitors a consumer’s starting and accessory battery, ensuring each maintains an optimal voltage level. Once either battery exceeds 13.2 volts, the isolator automatically connects them so that the batteries can be charged from a solar panel or an external battery charger.

A vehicle does not need to be on for the voltage-based battery isolator to work.

The device can keep a consumer from getting stranded because they have used too much power.

The Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator can be plugged in without complex wiring or setup.

“It saves some time on installation,” de Jong said, “because you do not have to wire it to the ignition.”

Battery monitoring with the device enables consumers to charge their main battery through the extra battery.

Consumers can control the linking of their batteries through the isolator with a push of the product’s Smart Switch. The isolator will manually operate and let the current flow for 60 seconds without the alternator, even if both batteries are below 12 volts.

The Dual Sensing Smart Battery Isolator has a 300-amp maximum continuous current, a less than 5 milli-amp standby current, a turn-on delay of 5 seconds and a turn-off delay of 10 seconds.

Established in 2001, Aims Power supplies DC to AC inverters, solar panels, batteries and solar charge controllers. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

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