EXCLUSIVE: Escapees’ Director Talks Broader RV Workforce Opportunity

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Updates to the Escapees RV Club’ job board could bring RV companies and organizations a broadened applicant pool, club Communications Director Georgianne Austin said.

The website’s newest iteration showcases a job- and resume-listing platform that makes it easier to connect RVer candidates and employers, Austin said. Tools such as online applications, messaging and meeting space are included in the company’s RVer Job Exchange (RVJE).

“While the general opinion is often that RVers are on permanent vacation, which is true for some, we know this is not the case for all RVers, especially over the last year,” Austin said. “There are thousands who are currently, or want to, travel while earning an income.”

In addition to providing travelers income opportunities, Austin said the new platform could provide a workforce with “intimate understanding” of the RV lifestyle to companies seeking job applicants. Many RV industry companies and organizations need workers who can help maintain websites, Austin said, such as design, writing webpage copy and managing back-end site functions. Other companies may need employees to head projects and campaigns, organize events or manage public relations –work that can be done remotely.

“Who better to help with this kind of work than RVers who have an intimate understanding of the lifestyle these companies promote, and the target audience they wish to reach?” Austin said. “Looking to remote staff helps broaden the pool of applicants, reaching beyond those who live within commuting distance of the office and tapping into the skills of people all over North America – and the world, in some cases.”

Austin added camp hosting and other short-term, on-site jobs will “always be popular” with remote workers. However, RVJE aims to showcase RVers’ talents in fields such as web design, content creation, graphic design, healthcare, project management, customer service and more. The spotlight is on remote-friendly work where travelers can freelance or join part- and full-time positions with a company.

“The new RVJE came about through user feedback and internal evaluation of our prior job board, hosted on our member website,” Austin said. “It functioned, but the user experience was not where we wanted it to be – a concern that was reinforced by feedback from our members, as well as employers.”

RVers choosing remote work sparked the decision to revitalize the job board.

“We have included some resources for employers, too, to help those looking to add their first remote employees to their team,” Austin said.

Interested employers can learn more here.

“We are super excited about the overall functionality of the site,” Austin said. “It features ways for not only employers both inside and outside the RV industry to showcase their jobs, but ways for them to connect with applicants inside the platform.”

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