EXCLUSIVE: Hughes Autoformers Designs SafeView Power Inlet

A picture of the SafeView Power Inlet with green lights lit

Hughes Autoformers, a supplier of RV surge protection and voltage boosters for OEMs and the aftermarket, recently unveiled The SafeView Power Inlet.

The SafeView Power Inlet is a patent-pending universal power inlet replacement, Hughes Autoformers said. The inlet can detect reversed polarity as well as an open ground or missing neutral on an RV power inlet.

According to Hughes Autoformers General Manager Brett Thomas, regulations require new RVs to be able to detect wiring issues like an open ground and instances of reversed polarity.

Reversed polarity occurs when a hot wire and a neutral wire have been swapped, increasing the electric shock or short circuit damage risk.

Hughes Autoformers began to develop the SafeView Power Inlet in 2021 when personnel at the company learned about the regulations and began to brainstorm solutions, Thomas said.

“We applied for a patent in June or July of last year and got our product to market as soon as possible,” Thomas said. “There is no power inlet that does what it does. It is ETL certified. We are applying for a patent and because there’s nothing out there like it and I am sure we will get it down the line.”

The front of the power inlet features a soft white “halo” light and green line indicator LEDs. On the product’s face, the G=ground, the L=line or hot and N=neutral. The “halo” light will blink red, and the “G” will become a solid red color, indicating the device detected a bad ground.

“Our advanced RV surge and electrical products will protect your coach or RV so you can focus on the important things – having a great vacation,” Hughes Autoformers said. A picture of the SafeView Power Inlet with a red G

Hughes Autoformers is based in southern California. The company designs and engineers its products in the USA.

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