EXCLUSIVE: ‘Revolutionary’ Repair Estimating System Grows in RV Market

A picture of PPG's AdjustRite system on a tablet

RV repair shops can wave goodbye to hand-written estimates and cut hours off the estimation process with a web-based, mobile platform created by paint supplier PPG Industries.

Combining Internet connectivity and proprietary logic with both RV and commercial databases, the AdjustRite commercial estimating system gives repair facilities and adjusters an “attractive asset” for repair operations.

“The PPG AdjustRite database provides a comprehensive parts list and uniquely takes into consideration the overall repair process, including often overlooked items, such as overlap, add-on labor, overhaul and additional parts and materials needed,” PPG AdjustRite Manager Doug Orr said. “Additionally, the system offers a global price average, which is based on the price users are charging for the part across the country.”

This system’s technology launched in 2004 within the commercial fleet market. Last year, the company unveiled new RV databases and features, with a growing number of companies crediting the system for faster, more accurate estimates.

A picture of the PPG AdjustRite logo

“Before the AdjustRite system, we had to line item everything—100% manual,” said Sonny Morgan, general manager at Gerber Collision & Glass. “With the AdjustRite system, we can go in and create the line. If I need to adjust it, like edit the wording or change the labor time estimate or a certain circumstance, it is really easy to use. PPG could see that the Internet is the future, so they went down a web-based path and developed a truly revolutionary approach to vehicle repair estimating.”

Users can access the PPG AdjustRite estimating system from smartphones, tablets and computers. The program is “all-inclusive” — meaning system databases within the RV and commercial vehicle/equipment markets are available to users at no extra charge.

“The feature could also be useful for RV repair shops that see the occasional commercial unit,” Orr said.

Four initial databases covering Type A, Type C, fifth wheel and travel trailers are live within the system’s RV sector. The company recently launched 24 manufacturer-specific databases for popular units. Orr said the information will provide updated labor and pricing data on the industry’s top 10 manufacturers.

“User feedback has been excellent,” Orr said. “We built in tools that are cutting-edge and as accurate as possible, so we do not overwhelm users with configurations. They do not have to worry about formulas, as the system will do it for them.”

In the repair shop, Morgan said the system’s user-friendly nature and “Logic” function are among the things he likes most. Logic gives estimators the ability to click on a task—such as removing and replacing an RV’s front cap—and receive prompts for possible add-on labor, parts, paints and materials.

“This is valuable because sometimes you might otherwise cut yourself short in estimating the time it takes to complete a repair,” Morgan said. “It is really easy to navigate and customize an estimate to a given repair situation, because every repair is different. It just makes estimating quicker, more accurate and easier to tweak to the individual needs of the repair.”

Orr noted other PPG AdjustRite system features, such as a new function that calculates labor based on the length, height or linear feet of materials such as panels, sections and sheets.

“RV shops could find the system’s Painted Stripes Calculator useful,” he added. “It provides time and cost data when users enter a vehicle’s panel colors, taking into account the additional time required for the layout and spray process. Plus, the system’s logic function considers refinish and clear-coat calculations.”

Morgan said the PPG AdjustRite system has significantly reduced the time it takes for Gerber Collision & Glass to create an estimate.

“Like I mentioned, making changes is very easy,” Morgan said, “because you do not have to go in and manually create the estimate. You simply click on an item and it populates automatically—and that is a huge difference. You can reduce the time for writing an estimate from 90 minutes to 30 minutes. The result is a clean, professional looking estimate that is easy for techs and insurance adjusters to read and understand.”

Orr said the system’s database was developed to do much more than generate a parts list.

“Add-ons are mapped to parts,” he said. “When they are selected, it prompts the user with additional considerations. Plus, the system does backend mapping for estimators, so there is consistency across the board.”

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