Exclusive: RV Roofing Pros Brings Commercial Strength and a Lifetime Warranty Policy

An image of a before and after comparison of an RV Roofing Pros installation

Hal Baxley recently set out to change how RV owners think about taking care of the roof above their heads.

Baxley, like most longtime RVers, knows that whether it’s made of rubber, TPO, fiberglass or metal, all RV roofs fail eventually–and the repair costs can be devastating. With the inevitable in mind, Baxley formed a new RV roofing company that operates under a lifetime warranty.

RV Roofing Pros officially launched last month with the attitude of an RV roofing replacement company that stands behind its work, offering a lifetime warranty on both materials and workmanship. Baxley said RV Roofing Pros is the first RV roofing company to provide a lifetime warranty.

“It gives the client the opportunity to never have to worry about their roof again,” Baxley said. “There is no maintenance to go along with our roof system. Gone are the days of having to re-cauc and reseal it, and risk the danger of falling and hurting yourself.”

RV Roofing Pros functions with the mindset of a commercial roofing company, looking to provide industrial strength protection overhead and a lifetime commitment to upkeep that roof. It sources only materials Baxley knows will stand the test of time, weather and the road.

Baxley said he’s been involved in commercial roofing for around 30 years. He recently moved on from another RV roofing company he helped form around a decade ago, with his sights set on new technology and a better way of guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

“I’ve been involved commercially from major office buildings to shopping malls, the whole nine yards,” Baxley said. “What I’ve watched over the years is the evolution of certain products that have always been there, but have gotten better and better through science. I’ve watched acrylics do that.”

RV Roofing Pro is able to offer the lifetime warranty because its raw materials supplier also stands by the products it puts out. Baxley said he found the acrylic supplier while seeking commercial materials that would outperform anything currently on the market, but were also ideal for use in an RV roofing environment.

The result is a three-stage, fabric-reinforced acrylic roofing system that concludes with the exclusive Solar Shield top coat, which is impervious to UV rays and requires zero maintenance.

The product is backed by a 10-year warranty, but at any time during or after the warranty period, RV Roofing Pros will replace the roof and/or perform any necessary repairs for the life of the RV owner at no charge. The warranty is also fully-transferable between owners, and RV Roofing Pros will perform the work at a location of the RV owner’s choosing.

Baxley said his team of installers are “the best of the best,” and are committed to making sure the RV roof systems they install last for years. Along with the unique commercial roofing materials, RV Roofing Pros also utilizes an industry-specific cleaning agent when making repairs.

For more information, contact RV Roofing Pros at (833) 776-6377 or visit rvroofingpros.com.

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