EXCLUSIVE: Schumacher Solar Charger Empowers RVers

A picture of the Schumacher SP1500 solar charger

RVers can extend their days off-grid with the help of a supplier’s expanded solar charging line.

Texas-based Schumacher Electric released the SP-1500, a 15-watt battery charger with solar charge controller. The charger can automatically maintain a 12-volt battery without overcharging or needing electricity.

Schumacher’s CEO Mickey Leech said having some modern conveniences while traveling or living off the grid is possible.

“We are a power conversion company. We are here to empower,” Leech said. “We empower people to enjoy the freedom that comes with mobility.”

The SP-1500 features include:

  • Thin-film technology enables the panel to absorb a larger light spectrum in cloudy conditions
  • Strong, double-glass structure able to withstand 25-millimeter hail
  • Can be attached to a battery or 12-volt DC accessory outlet
  • Environmentally safe
  • Heavy-duty construction, works in all weather conditions
  • Convenient installation using included hardware and 96-inch cable
  • Maintains automotive, deep cycle, gel-cell and heavy-duty batteries
  • Built-in blocking diode protects against battery discharge at night
  • One-year warranty

Leech said although the charger is small, it will work on electric gates, deer feeders and small electronics used by RVers. The company has future ambitions to make larger solar panels and power banks, which will enable consumers to live without ever needing a wall oulet.

Schumacher also launched electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment during the past year.

“EV is going to touch the RV industry. There is a lot of innovation going that way,” Leech said. “Talk about being able to live off the grid, you can move off the grid. You are always going to be able to repower yourself without having to go plug in.”

He said the company wants to be on the forefront, innovating power products modern RVers need.

“You can still live a modern lifestyle…just off the grid,” Leech said. “It is a lot of fun. For us it is new. It is an adventure.”

For more information about Schumacher battery chargers, click here.

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