EXCLUSIVE: Supplier Grows Overhead Harnesses Alternatives

A picture of the new Easy Access platform.

Work platform supplier Easy Access has grown its product offerings to better suit the RV industry’s needs, according to President Dan Visser.

The company’s platforms offer higher roofline height and work areas to fit tight spaces, such as the RV Detailer deck.

“Due to Covid, we were able to focus our time and energies toward increasing our products,” Visser said. “We have taken our height adjustable scissor deck product lines and added a powered lifting option to increase the ease of use.”

Visser said Easy Access’s previous models were lifted manually by using heavy springs. New models use a worm-gear winch that can be powered by hand-drills, automating the lifting process.

“We have been getting some favorable reaction from the industry,” Visser said. “Especially in regards to workers enjoying that they do not have to put as much effort in adjusting the height of the work deck.”

A picture of the new Easy Access platform against a motorhome.The work decks are a solution for suspension trauma — the condition arising in workers after a fall who were wearing an overhead harness. During the fall, the stress placed on the worker’s body by the harness causes its own injuries.

With work decks surrounded by handrails, falls can be prevented from the start, and the possibility of suspension trauma drops precipitously.

“The design was based on the direction of Canadream RV Rentals,” Visser said. “They asked us to design a partial area RV rooftop handrail worker containment system.”

The project was completed in spring 2020. The need for handrail rooftop protection continues to become more apparent, Visser said, because of safety concerns surrounding harnessing systems. In a study conducted by Canadream, the company’s health and safety manager discussed safety controls available for inside and outside work off the ground.

“Of course, the best option is always to eliminate or substitute the risk,” the manager said. “For this specific task it was not possible, so we looked at the effectiveness of various safety devices, these devices include guardrails, fall arrest mats, safety netting, various types of fall arrest systems, including full-body safety harnesses and lanyards. All of these have their benefits and disadvantages and appropriate uses.”

Easy Access used the opportunity to design a full wraparound system currently launching to the RV industry. Two new systems now are available: a full wrap-around walkway or a tower deck approach from the RV’s rear with a handrail system wrapping around the RV.

“We are excited to be able to be part of offering safer alternatives to overhead harnessing,” Visser said.

A picture of Easy Access President Dan Visser and two other men in front of a fifth wheel with an Easy Access platform set up.
Dan Visser (L) joins staff outside a fifth wheel with an Easy Access platform.
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