EXCLUSIVE: The Omnia Group Helps Firms Set 2021 Goals

A picture of Wendy Sheaffer

Employee assessment firm The Omnia Group hosted an online webinar Jan. 12 that highlighted goal setting tips for maintaining productivity, and sanity, in 2021.

The Omnia Group was established in 1985 and provides workforce assessments that cover 200 specific job benchmarks in various industries.

Chief Product Officer Wendy Sheaffer and Key Account Manager Linda Salazar led the “Goal Setting Reimagined” session with what Sheaffer said is the company’s highest registration.

“We had excellent engagement,” Sheaffer said. “It is because of how interactive it was. With Linda as a certified trainer, she gets people doing things and it is a great addition to the process.”

Salazar, a certified virtual trainer facilitator, was hired to The Omnia Group in October last year. “She brings the pizazz to it,” Sheaffer said. “In the first outline of the webinar, I had the traditional goal setting, accountability tips, why it is important on a theoretical level. Linda said this is great, but let us take it a step further and make the accountability process fun.”

Salazar introduced attendees to an online challenge to help accomplish team goals, which Sheaffer said was a “great nugget” to take back to their companies. Participants used time to assess three personal 2021 goals with a “keep, tweak or replace” process led by Salazar.

Sheaffer said 76 attendees joined the webinar, with the majority staying through the Q and A session, which doesn’t often happen, she added. Some attendees sent emails after the event talking about how great the webinar was, Sheaffer said.

“I always love it when people ask a lot of questions during the Q and A in a webinar,” she said. “In live seminars and workshops, we always get tons of questions. In webinars, people are not really typing in the questions. It is a little more work, and they have a lot competing for their attention when sitting at their workspace. But the Q and A [this time] was great.”

The Omnia Group offers its Takeaway Tuesday webinars, blog content and client trainings with a monthly theme. January seemed like a good time for goal setting, Sheaffer said.

With Valentine’s Day happening next month, February’s theme will be employee recognition. Those interested can expect a Takeaway Tuesday webinar centered around that theme 12:30 p.m. EST Feb. 9.

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