EXCLUSIVE: Tiffin Unveils First Type B at Hershey

A picture of the Tiffin Cahaba Type B motorhome on display at America's RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Tiffin Motorhomes’ first Type B model was unveiled last week at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The camper van features a new power system provided by Volta Power Systems.

The Type B motorhome, called Cahaba, includes a four-module Volta system. The system provides more than 12,100-watt-hours of power. The system can be recharged through shore power and from a 6,900-watt alternator while driving.

“We provide our customers with the best, whether it’s service, interior finishes, or power storage,” said Andy Baer, Tiffin’s general manager. “Volta’s lithium system is quiet, it stores a lot of energy, and the alternator means it can recharge on the road. Cahaba owners are going to love the Volta system.”

Volta co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Jack Johnson said Cahaba is the company’s first Type B partner to adopt a 3,200-watt, low-profile inverter and touchscreen display as standard equipment.

A picture of Volta Power Systems' low-profile inverter touchscreen used in Tiffin Motorhomes' Type B Cahaba

“Both innovations were in response to customer feedback for a lighter, quieter inverter and greater insight into power usage through a visual display,” Johnson said.

The modular design power system includes packages holding the lithium-ion cells. The four-module system provides more run time or the ability to run larger and multiple appliances, Johnson said.

“People looking to buy a Class B are looking for flexibility, and Tiffin has a reputation for very high quality and comfort,” Johnson said. “We are proud to partner with Tiffin, and we know that having our auxiliary power system on the Cahaba will provide users with the flexibility, convenience, and lifestyle they’re looking for.”

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