Exclusive: Torklift Ramps Up Focus on Front-Mount Receiver Hitches

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A new line of front-mount receiver hitches from Torklift aims to be more compatible across applications and easier for owners to adjust to their needs.

According to Torklift President Jack Kay, the company’s new line of vehicle-specific front-mount hitches are made to work with nearly any accessory and are custom-built to fit easily onto different truck or chassis models.

“They’re primarily designed to fit on the front of the vehicle, and in a lot of applications it is completely hidden when not in use,” Kay said. “It’s up high and close enough, while still being recessed so it’s not sticking out in front of the truck.”

These front-mount receiver hitches can be used to attach snow plows, bike racks, motorcycle carriers and many other accessories, largely without having to readjust the hitch. Kay said truck and RV owners shouldn’t have to take their vehicles into service stations to have these new hitches refashioned for each use.

Kay said the new development in hitch design will also allow the user to easily attach a trailer or boat to the front of their vehicle to position it in a tight spot. That, Kay added, can be difficult with a rear hitch when rear visibility is compromised.

“That can be hard when a person is attempting to place a trailer without assistance and the tow vehicle has a truck camper on it which limits what you can see in your side mirrors,” Kay said.

Torklift’s team of engineers have been developing this new style hitch for several months. Kay said the service center staff is constantly categorizing and analyzing customers’ requests, which led to this new line of hitches.

“That’s how we’re able to isolate products that could be expanded onto the national or international level, and we’ve been paying attention to front-end receiver hitches for quite some time,” Kay said.

Kay said RV owners with traditional front-mount receiver hitches often complained that their hitches needed to be removed or otherwise reworked in order to fit their current accessory.

Torklift engineers solved that problem with this new line of versatile and sleek hitches. In most cases, Kay said, the hitches can be installed invisibly behind a vehicle’s license plate.

“I’m proud of our ability to find an area where the market has kind of missed the mark—not just being able to say we have a front receiver hitch, but that our designs are very precise in the way that they’re fitted to the vehicle,” Kay said.

Torklift’s front-end hitches have a lifetime warranty and are made from materials sourced in the U.S., as are the bulk of the supplier’s RV products.

“Everything we design, we design from the standpoint of what we’d want on our own vehicle,” Kay said. “It comes from our own personal experience.”

The supplier’s line of front mount receiver hitches is available on the Torklift website, at its service shops and through the company’s distribution network.

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