From the Editor: So Much Time, So Little to Do

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Behind the scenes, the RV News staff has been busy in recent months. It feels much like that old movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In the film, Willy Wonka is so overwhelmed that he mixes his words up by saying, “So much time, so little to do.”

If only that were true. We are excited about a bunch of work about to come to fruition here at RV News.

The printed February edition of RV News is on the way to mailboxes but for you readers who prefer to read it online, just click here to access the February issue.

A New Look
Examine the February issue closely. The magazine will look vastly different in the near future. Next month’s issue will have a small teaser of the good things that follow in April. In March, a new aftermarket feature section we are calling “THE BEST OF” will appear. We are calling it TBO for short. Think about it. “Who doesn’t want THE BEST OF?” We think the RV industry does.

For the first time in the RV industry, RV retailers and dealerships will get a comprehensive look at THE BEST products by category. This will happen every 30 days. It will happen with every issue. Each month, a new category will be highlighted.
As examples we will show:

  • THE BEST OF: Appliances
  • THE BEST OF: Freshwater & Sanitation
  • THE BEST OF: Safety Equipment
What defines THE BEST? It could be the legacy, time-tested product a company makes that is a national, must-stock retail item, or it could be the all-time highest gross-selling product from a supplier. It could be a product that changed and transformed an aftermarket segment and continues to dominate. It could be a new product that incorporates such amazing new technology and features that the product leaves all other products behind.

In March, THE BEST OF: Hitches & Towing” debuts.

What are the best hitches & towing products available in today’s marketplace?

Before we go start layout and design next week I’d love to hear your opinions. Some may say THE BEST OF should include the Equal-i-zer hitch by Progress Manufacturing because it is the best-selling product the company makes dating back over a period of more than 75 years. Maybe some believe Demco’s Kar Kaddy tow dolly should be included. Others may say, “Make sure you include the very first aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system.”

I am curious to know what you think should be on March’s pages in this section. Send me an email at [email protected] to share your thoughts. In the meantime, if you are an aftermarket towing or hitch supplier and you have not sent me your best hitch & towing product, do not wait another minute! Email me details on your product, (no more than 100 words of text, and a high-res picture) to ensure your spot in: THE BEST OF: Hitches & Towing section.

We know many of our readers are suppliers in categories other than hitches & towing. I’m guessing you want to know when your category will come up to be featured in THE BEST OF: section. Look no further.

Click here to see future product categories we have scheduled for 2021. Be sure to get us your THE BEST OF submission early. There is no time like the present. This section’s transformation is exciting. We cannot wait to see your feedback. Keep in mind, this new section is just a teaser.

But That is Not All
The section is a mere preliminary glimpse into the culmination of plans we will unveil in April. We also have a special offer for all those companies interested in advertising with us as we cross this exciting new unexplored horizon. Advertisers interested in reaching THE BEST audience of RV retailers and dealerships will not want to miss some new advertising offerings we are also launching. Contact RV News CEO Dana Nelsen at 720-353-4003 to learn about these brand new offerings.

In our January edition’s email, Nelsen stressed how the RV industry is on the cusp of something great. This month, I am excited to say RV News is also on the cusp of something great. Do not miss the chance to watch it unfold and participate with us.

Chris Freeman
Editor-in-Chief of RV News magazine

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