Go Power! Electric Makes Online Solar Tech Training Available for Dealers On-Demand

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Go Power! Electric is sharing online training for RV technicians interested in learning more about RV solar tech and solar panel installation.

The solar power and electrical systems provider posted the first session of its on-demand learning series two weeks ago, and will roll out new lessons in the coming weeks. Companies and RV professionals can now register for the ongoing live webinars and pre-recorded sessions for free on the Go Power! site.

Eva Mitic, marketing manager at Go Power!, said she hopes this online format allows dealers to access the in-house knowledge and training Go Power! has offered through in-person training for years.

“It’s all about giving people easy access to the information that’s already out there,” Mitic said. “They’re really short segments, and the first one released last week is 30 minutes long. The sessions are bite sized, so you can even do it on your lunch break.”

Mitic said upcoming training sessions will focus on solar tech troubleshooting, panel installation and best practices for maintaining RV solar systems. Once users register for the training, they’ll have the option to log in and view sessions live or revisit pre-recorded webinars at their leisure.

Go Power! has provided RVIA-accredited in-person solar tech training for a decade, Mitic said, and the company is working to also have its program accredited by the RV Technical Institute. Online training host Doug Grafton has been with the company for more than 10 years as an RV solar expert and educator.

Mitic said the company recently accumulated most of its educational resources in a new online database that will fuel the on-demand webinar training.

“We have the learning center online, where we’ve got our newly built knowledge base which has all of our technical how-to’s,” Mitic said. “We’re trying really hard to take the knowledge to dealers wherever they are.”

RV solar technology has evolved in recent years, and Mitic said that now more than 30% of all OEM units delivered to dealers come either pre-wired for or installed with solar tech. Mitic said this training will address new developments in the solar world and the growing popularity among RVers.

“The solar panels in every industry have gotten far more efficient, which means people can get more power out of the same size. The efficiency just keeps growing,” she said.

The company is also working to launch a dealer portal on its website where dealers and employees can access these training videos after the fact and view additional resources.

Go Power! provides its solar tech to dealers and resellers, typically avoiding selling directly to consumers. In addition to this new online training database, Mitic said the company also has an online dealer locator where customers can find their nearest Go Power! supplier while on the road.

“We have about 1,000 dealers now in all of Canada and in the US,” Mitic said. “Pretty much anywhere you are, we will be able to ship you something or find one in your area.”

Click here to learn more and to register for the Go Power! on-demand webinar training.

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