Intellitec Launches Integrated B.I.R.D. Battery Disconnect with RV-C Communications

An image of the Intellitec BIRD battery

Intellitec Products, LLC introduced the Integrated RV-C based Bi-directional Isolation Relay Disconnect (B.I.R.D.) this week.

The new product monitors the voltage of two battery sources and automatically links them when charging is available and required.  Based on the new Battery Guard® 1000 platform, Intellitec can provide a complete Battery Management System with RV-C communications.

“The B.I.R.D. RV-C provides the most complete solution to linking batteries for charging or additional starting power.  It is very economical and easy to install,” said Ned Schiff, President of Intellitec Products. “Utilizing our proven latching relay, the B.I.R.D.  only draws power when changing state making it a ‘Green’ product as compared to the continuous duty solenoids frequently used in this application which drain unnecessary power from the batteries and generate excessive heat.”

Austin Ciambriello, Engineering Manager at Intellitec said the company’s newly developed design will make it easier for customers to monitor their charges.

“Other battery isolator products charge for a fixed time before disconnecting, not knowing if they have fully charged the second battery,” Ciambriello said. “We’ve designed an algorithm that utilizes current monitoring and voltage which enable us to fully charge the second battery.”

He said the B.I.R.D. battery allows OEMs the ability to set several thresholds, including automatic connect and disconnect voltages.

“There is a vast amount of information that can be provided to our Road Commander or other multiplexing systems including voltage, current, warnings, status and fault indication,” Ciambriello said. “It can also be manually controlled by a pushbutton or selector switch.”

For more than 40 years, Intellitec Products has devloped electrical controls and systems for the RV, specialty vehicle and marine markets. Its products are used for power distribution, battery management and electrical control and monitoring systems in a wide variety of applications including RV, bus, truck, emergency service and marine markets.  Intellitec manufactures its products in the USA.

“It is a very exciting time to be part of Intellitec and our industry,” Schiff said.  “The additional intelligence and functionality we are adding to our products provides tremendous value to our customers.”

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