InventHelp Shares New Battery Charger, Storage Curtain Products for RVs

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Two RV and camper product inventors unveiled new products through InventHelp this week, with a focus on convenience and efficiency. The two new products, a battery charger and a storage curtain, come from American inventors in Nevada and Massachusetts, respectively.

InventHelp released information about the RADIANT 4 battery charger on Monday, April 20. RADIANT 4 allows users to easily recharge an RV or boat battery without being frustrated by a weak or dead battery.

The device helps to keep the battery charged for optimal performance and reliability. According to the inventor, it enables the user to avoid having to call for emergency assistance or to jump-start the engine Additionally, it can keep individuals from being stranded in remote locations.

“I wanted to save lives, money and time,” said the inventor from Las Vegas. “This led me to come up with a trickle charger that provides a more surefire way to keep the battery of an RV or boat charged.”

The original design was submitted to the Las Vegas sales office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.

InventHelp also announced a new storage curtain product on Tuesday, April 21. The company said that an inventor from Leominster, Massachusetts created the Privacy Storage Curtain to give his camper some extra space.

“I wanted additional space outside my camper so that the interior was not so cluttered with all of our camping equipment,” the inventor said. “I came up with this add-on for use as a bathroom or for storage space.”

The prototype for the patent pending Privacy Storage Curtain hopes to provide extra utility space outside of a parked RV. The invention serves as a utility room beneath the front and rear end or slide-out of a RV. According to InventHelp, the new storage product takes advantage of “normally wasted space while keeping chairs, coolers, grills, and other supplies handy.”

The accessory is also usable as an outdoor bathroom, where it would provide convenience and privacy. The water-resistant design keeps belongings in a safe and dry place until needed. It conceals unsightly equipment and supplies while obstructing prying eyes. Additionally, the device is portable, resilient, reusable, and easy to install and assemble.

The original design was submitted to the Boston sales office of InventHelp and is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.

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