Martin: We’re Seeing Great Positives For Our Industry

A photo of Thor President and CEO Bob Martin, Thor group manager Matt Zimmerman and Keystone team members as they arrived for work

Thor Industries CEO Bob Martin joined Fox Business to talk about the potential success of the RV industry in the wake of the coronavirus emergency.

Martin spoke to host Stuart Varney about how Thor and other RV industry leaders responded to the changing business landscape over the past few weeks. Martin said he’s seen an uptick in interest in RV sales, motivated by the secluded and on-the-go lifestyle the vehicles allow.

“Overall, we’re seeing just great positives for our industry, for our lifestyle,” Martin said. “Because as you said, people aren’t really flying to Europe and they won’t be cruising much. We offer this lifestyle that people have their own restroom. They have their own kitchen. They have their own bathroom.”

Varney mentioned a recent 5.25% rise in Thor stock, and asked questions about Thor’s eventual return to full production.

“You’ve got it made,” Varney began the interview with Martin. “Everything is going for you at this point, so you tell me, please, how much are your sales up?”

Martin said that after an initial slump in sales this March, “every week has gotten a little better.”

He said Thor began reopening its companies on Monday and will open more over time as demand returns to typical levels.

“People were happy to come back to work,” Martin said. “We didn’t know what that would be, but there were smiles. They missed their work.”

Click here to watch the full Fox Business interview with Martin.

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