Millions of RVers to Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend Camping

A picture of happy young people from various ethnic backgrounds holding a flag in front of an RV campsite

According to a survey commissioned by RVIA, 44 million Americans plan to go RVing this summer. This Memorial Day weekend, 12 million plan to do the same.

The top five reasons respondents listed for RV travel were: a more flexible work schedule that allows travel, traveling more with family, traveling in comfort, exploring the great outdoors and traveling in a large group.

RVing is a year-round activity, according to the survey—72 million Americans plan to take their RVs on a trip in the next year. Of those surveyed, 32% said they would like to buy an RV in the next 12 months.

RVers are telling friends and family about the RV lifestyle’s benefits, the survey found. The current net promoter score, measuring consumers’ willingness to promote RVing to others, is +62 on a scale of minus-100 to +100. Millennials are promoting RVing even more, averaging a +72 net promoter score, the survey found.

Picture of a boy sitting on a log at a campfire next to a river.Where RVers take their trips this summer is changing. The survey found 87% of respondents saying inflation affected their summer travel plans. Consumers said they planned to take shorter or fewer trips and stay closer to home when taking them this summer.

Cairn Consulting conducted the survey for RVIA. The research group received 1,600 surveys by a cross-section of leisure travelers. Leisure travelers were defined as any U.S. residents who had taken some type of leisure trip in the past 12 months.


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