Mission Critical Electronics Acquires ZeroRPM

A picture of the Mission Critical Electronics family of brands, now including ZeroRPM

Mission Critical Electronics (MCE), the company that owns the Xantrex brand among others, acquired ZeroRPM.

ZeroRPM offers advanced energy storage and hybrid solutions that convert conventional vehicles into hybrid units.

MCE said the acquisition strengthened the company’s presence in vehicle electrification and clean energy solutions.

“ZeroRPM’s patented solutions provide continuing power to onboard equipment, and heating and air-conditioning to the passenger compartment, without idling the engine,” said Kevin Moschetti, Mission Critical Electronics CEO. “It creates a hybrid vehicle with lithium-ion battery technology that integrates seamlessly with a vehicle’s engine and existing electrical system, and automatically restarts the engine to recharge the batteries, when necessary.”

Moschetti said MCE planned to bring ZeroRPM’s solutions into MCE’s RV and truck products.

“Some of the most exciting applications we are working on are in the recreational vehicle and heavy-duty truck markets, where ZeroRPM’s products provide enhanced comfort for users,” Moschetti said.

Once a vehicle is in park, the ZeroRPM system shuts down the engine and provides all required power for electronics and HVAC. For extended stationary use, the ZeroRPM system manages the engine start/stop to recharge the batteries as needed.

“Joining the MCE family and getting immediate access to their world-class operations and a variety of markets they serve will open up a whole new world of opportunities for ZeroRPM solutions,” said Lance Self, ZeroRPM CEO.

In the recreational space, the system offers a viable alternative to boondockers to go off-grid without turning on a generator or plugging into shore power. The ZeroRPM technology will work in conjunction with MCE’s existing Freedom eGEN power solution.

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