Optronics Debuts Modular LED Strip Light

A picture of the Optronics modular LED light strip

Optronics International announced a new LED strip light which can be snapped together to provide nearly 7 feet of lighting.

LED strip lights on vehicles generally are engineered for independent applications, and if multiple lamps are used together, each must be wired in a sequence.

Optronics said its new product has each lamp with a power cap on one end and trim finish cap on the other. Both caps are detachable, revealing modular connecting ports that enable up to six of the lamps to plug together, giving the resulting lamp configuration a long, clean, seamless look.

“Our engineers took a good hard look at vehicle strip lighting,” said Marcus Hester, vice president of sales and marketing for Optronics International. “They designed out the weaknesses they found and designed in new advantages that others simply hadn’t thought of. The resulting innovations of our new modular strip light speak for themselves.”

A picture of Optronics' modular LED light strips lighting the interior of an RV.The Modular LED Strip Light model ILL23CB is 17.25 inches long and 0.75 inches thick and can be mated together to form a solid, linear light source measuring 6.939 feet in length.

The lamp’s optical characteristics create a broad, smooth, even beam pattern that can illuminate large areas, the company said. Each 18-diode lamp packs 880 raw lumens and delivers 730 effective lumens.

The Modular LED Strip Light power caps are suitable for hardwired installation, and the multi-volt lamps accommodate both 12-volt and 24-volt vehicle electrical systems. One power cap is capable of powering up to six connected lamps.

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