Optronics Details New LED Taillight

A picture of Optronics International's new LED taillight

Optronics International introduced its new STL02/03 LED taillight. The low-profile, surface-mount lamps take on stop, tail and turn functions.

The taillights serve as rear and side clearance and marker lamps and rear and side reflectors, but also come with a license plate light, Optronics said.

The new lamps are also the first in a new series of lamps that Optronics said will combine more functionalities, including backup lighting. The STL02/03 LED taillight’s modular design is engineered to be configured into novel lighting assemblies and easily be customized.

“The low-profile, multi-function, surface-mount STL02/03 LED taillight is just the latest in a long line of intelligently designed lighting that consolidate the functionality of multiple lamps into just one,” said Marcus Hester, chief marketing officer for Optronics International. “The result is a high-value lighting package that is less expensive than the sum of its functional parts.”

The lamps measure 1.25 inches deep and can be mounted virtually anywhere regulations allow, Optronics said. The lamps are available with stud mounts to install from the rear. The taillights also can be mounted from the front using screws or other fasteners.

“With the introduction of the STL02/03 LED taillight, Optronics continues its mission to deliver better value, better options and better lighting to the commercial vehicle industry,” Hester said.

The lamp’s lens and housing are made of sealed and waterproof polycarbonate material. The taillights come with a one-diode lifetime warranty protection, a warranty that replaces the lamp if even one diode fails.

A picture of Optronics International's new LED taillights on a commercial vehicle

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