Pace International Begins Shipping TravlFi Hotspot

A picture of Pace International's TravlFi Journey1 Wi-Fi 4G LTE mobile hotspot

Pace International has begun shipping its new product, the TravlFi Journey1 Wi-Fi 4G LTE mobile hotspot, along with pay-as-you-go internet service with plans offering up to 800GB of data. The product is available to dealers as an aftermarket product through distributors.

The TravlFi Journey1 is a hotspot that connects to the strongest cellular signal provider in any given area. The device is equipped with virtual SIM technology, giving it the ability to automatically switch between carriers based on the strongest signal and highest speed available in the area, without the customer needing to change SIM cards.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer a portable solution for internet connectivity for people on the go,” said Sam Schell, senior vice president of business development at Pace International. “Our hotspot gives people the option to stay connected while in the RV or away. It is also great to be able to give customers the ability to change to the best cellular service in the area automatically, without having to change SIM cards, devices, plans, or providers.”

The technology was designed for travelers like RVers. The mobile hotspot can connect to services nationwide with prepaid plan options ranging from 2 gigabytes to 800 gigabytes. Data is pre-paid in 30-day increments to enable use without a contract. The TravlFi Journey1 supports up to five device connections at a time, with a total of 10 hours per charge.

Customers buy the hotspot, then call a toll-free number to activate the monthly service. Customers also can scan a QR code on the back of the device and sign up online. All billing, activation, and technical support is done through Pace International in Rochester, Minnesota.

The TravlFi Journey 1 is in stock. Dealers can order the product from RV distributors starting in November.

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