Reyco Granning Passes TransportMaster Brake Qualification

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Reyco Granning completed the TransportMaster suspension family’s FMVSS 105 testing, certifying successful stopping distance performance. The TransportMaster is compatible with many Type C RVs.

The TransportMaster, which is mounted on Ford chassis cabs, replaces the original factory leaf spring suspension on Class 3-5 chassis cabs and cutaway vans, said Amanda Crisler, Reyco Granning marketing specialist. Suppliers and up-fitters want assurance the brakes are not degraded, she said, relative to a vehicle equipped with the original factory suspension.

The 4X2 mode and 4X4 mode testing ensured compatibility between the suspension system and the Ford electronic stability control system. Testing demonstrated that stopping distances are not degraded, and in some instances improved, with TransportMaster installation.

“Out of eight test protocols in 4X2 mode, five showed improved stopping distance performance, relative to the factory leaf spring suspension,” Crisler said. “In 4X4 mode, two tests were completed, and both showed considerable improvement in stopping distances, relative to the stock configuration.”

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