Roadmaster Introduces Auxiliary Lighting Kit For Towed Vehicles

A picture of the Roadmaster Auxiliary Towing Wiring Kit

Roadmaster, Inc. unveiled a new Auxiliary Lighting Kit designed for applications where traditional diodes will not work, or for vehicles that are difficult to wire.

The new lighting kit incorporates a separate wiring harness that is routed from the vehicle front to the rear. The harness includes a “Y” to facilitate the harness reaching the right and left sides of the vehicle. The kit includes pre-stripped and tinned wire ends and junction blocks for easy installation, Roadmaster said.

LED light strips measure a 5/8 inch wide by 10 inches long. The strips’ 3M adhesive backing helps installers place the light strips at a convenient location on the vehicle’s rear.

The Auxiliary Lighting Kit is an effective way to add taillights or brake lights when towing, Roadmaster said. The strips are inactive while solo driving and can be easily removed if necessary.

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