RVDA Announces More Speakers

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RVDA announced more participants in its Virtual Convention/Expo, slated for Nov. 9-20.

Jered Sobel, vice president of Sobel University, will speak at 11 a.m. ET Nov. 17 on a workshop titled “Down Payment Cures Reverse Equity.”

The session, which will be available on demand, will address how to help a customer that is in a significant reverse equity position.

Many dealerships find themselves in disputes with customers when determining trade value or pricing to overcome potential reverse equity situations. As a result, customer interactions end when an agreement can’t be made over a down payment. This session will equip sales staff and F&I teams with actionable tools to increase profitability.

Attendees will learn how to shift the down payment conversation away from an uncomfortable place to allow the customer to put as much down as they comfortably can, as well as the two most common types of conventional financing to the customer’s ability to get the product they want today.

In addition, KPA will host a session at 1 p.m. Nov. 11, led by Safety Consultants Ted Ullmann and Brian Davies titled Top 5 Safety Gotchas at RV Dealerships. The session will be available on demand.

Among the topics the presenters will discuss are:

  • Measures dealers can take to prevent potential incidents and accidents
  • Actionable steps and risk mitigation effective practices to improve compliance and minimize losses
  • Possible consequences of violating OSHA requirements
  • What self-inspections should be on any checklist
  • Tried and true methods for keeping employees safe, a dealership compliant, and a dealership’s risk profile low.


Finally, KPA’s Russ Cole and Robin Nigro will present an on-demand-only session titled Wage and Hour Laws – Updates and Implications for Your Business.

Wage and hour laws have had several notable revisions over the last several years. The session will look at several and provide clarification and examples which will help dealers remain compliant.

Topics are scheduled to include:

  • Basic overtime and examples of states that have more than one category of overtime
  • Calculating overtime for employees with two or more wage rates or types of compensation (i.e. hourly rate + bonus + commission)
  • Exemptions from overtime, the new minimum salary requirements and who is exempt, and what are “primary duties?”
  • Are sales representatives and service managers who earn commissions exempt from overtime?
  • The difference between Outside Sales Exemption and Inside Sales
  • FLSA Overtime Exemption 7i: updates and an explanation of how it works and who is eligible
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