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RVIA examined another cluster from the Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile, taking a closer look at Adventure Seekers.

Adventure Seekers make up 1% of RVers, but RVIA said they are very dedicated to the RV lifestyle. Cluster members use their RV on average 200 days each year and 71% of their vacation time involves an RV. When they are on the road, the Adventure Seekers tend to stay at a private campground (63%), while some stay on private land (52%) and a smaller number stay at informal campsites (26%).

Although summer remains the most popular season for Adventure Seekers to hit the road (84%), RVIA said, it is followed closely by spring (78%) and fall (78%). Winter also is a popular time to travel (66%).

Popular hobbies for Adventure Seekers include outdoor sports, motorsports and winter sports. Among the cluster’s biggest motivations to go RVing include adding adventure and excitement to their life, controlling their own itineraries and spending time outdoors in nature.

In terms of demographics, 34% of Adventure Seekers are age 35-54 and 56% are ages 55+. The group is majority female (53%) and 19% live with no children in the home. Half of Adventure Seekers are retired, and 53% of those in the workforce make more than $65,000.

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