RVIA Shipment Forecast Lowered Again

A Type C motorhome sits at a roadside rest stop.

RV wholesale shipments are projected to top 549,000 units by year-end 2022, according to the Summer 2022 RV RoadSigns issue, the quarterly forecast prepared by ITR Economics for the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

The new forecast projects 2022 RV shipments to range between 537,800 and 561,900 units with a most likely 549,900-unit year-end total. The projection is a 7% drop from the Spring 2022 forecast and an 8.6% drop from the Winter 2021 forecast of 602,200 shipments.

The drops come as manufacturers have slowed production rates following record first-quarter wholesale shipments.

“Our latest RV shipment forecast shows that inventories at dealer lots have normalized at a slightly faster rate than initially expected due in part to RV manufacturers and suppliers working to get units built and to dealer lots ahead of the summer travel season,” RVIA President and CEO Craig Kirby said. “The continued popularity of RVing means we are on track to reach the second-best year for RV shipments, maintaining our industry’s 40-plus years of long-term growth.”

The 549,900-unit forecast would be an 8.4% decline from the all-time record 600,240 2021 shipments.

Despite high inflation, rising interest rates, soaring prices at the pump and waning macroeconomic momentum, RVIA said the forecast shows income is well above the long-term trend, which bodes well for shipments.

Income trends, prior savings, and low consumer debt-to-income ratios are all positives, RVIA said, as the RV industry heads into the summer months.

RVIA members may view the Summer 2022 issue here.

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