Shed Defender Keeps RV Interiors Cleaner

A picture of the ShedDefender Onesie on two German Shepherd dogs reclining on a bed

Shed Defender has created canine onesies for RV owners who travel with their dogs, but do not want hair decorating their camper interior.

Shed Defender canine onesies offer full coverage to help contain loose dog hair. They are made from Shed-Tex, a movable, breathable fabric. They are available in three styles: The Original, The Recovery and The Sport.

Not only does the Shed Defender keep hair in, but it also helps keep the environment out, Shed Defender said. Dogs can stay clean as they explore the outdoors.

The Original is available in nine sizes.

The Sport was designed for dogs that are often outdoors or on the go; modified to expose the belly for convenience and flexibility. The Recovery style was developed to replace the common “cone of shame” after surgeries.

Onesie colors vary but can include black, blue, pink, red, and grey. Patterns include camo, tie-dye, and clouds. The products come in nine sizes, from mini (4-7 pounds) to giant (130 pounds and over). They are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low.

Shed Defenders are available for distribution here.

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