Shurhold Releases New Bamboo RV Mop

Picture of Shurhold's Water Sprite Deck Mob

Shurhold_logoShurhold’s Industries’ new 60- and 72-inch Water Sprite Deck Mops have fixed wooden handles that won’t scratch paint, chrome, vinyl or powder coating. The company says the mop is half the price of comparable aluminum-handled deck mops and features hyper-absorbent synthetic chamois heads that soak up massive amounts of water to quickly dry an RV.

Shurhold Mop handles are made from bamboo, an environmentally-friendly and strong wood. The mops feature a smooth enamel finish. Because of the mop’s light weight, the company says it is easy to use for large jobs that require lengthier mopping time.

The Water Sprite Deck Mop head is made up of a 2- 7/8-inch” wide strips of PVA chamois that soak up and hold water without leaving streaks behind. The mop will not mold or mildew and  can be stowed without being completely dry. The mop is semi-rigid making it well suited for vertical cleaning.

The company says the 60-inch Water Sprite Deck Mop is ideal for the sides of RVs. The 72-inch mop is ideal for larger jobs like cleaning the tops of coaches. The mops both have an MSRP of $54.98. To see a video about the new mops, click here.

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