SmartPlug Adds Safety Feature to Prevent Electric Damage

A picture of the SmartPlug RV cordset with new safety features

SmartPlug Systems is adding a safety feature to its RV cordsets to protect units and owners against improperly wired campground power pedestals.

The supplier’s new integrated LED reverse polarity indicating system informs RVers about a campground’s power flow. If moving correctly, a blue LED light will show. Owners will be alerted by a red LED if the site’s ground wire is swapped in a reverse polarity condition.

SmartPlug noted reverse polarity occurs when a neutral or ground wire is connected to a hot terminal in error. RVers typically are not aware of the situation when plugging in their motorhome or trailer to a campground pedestal, the supplier stated. Power likely will indicate and function normally. However, the condition can cause serious potential risk of electric shock or short circuit damage.

“Protecting people has always been at the forefront of everything we do at SmartPlug Systems,” company President Tony Barber said. “The SmartPlug is the safest RV shore power plug on the market and we are pleased to enhance it with the reverse polarity feature.”

SmartPlug stated its product is made to replace twist-type shore power connections. With a pin-and-clip design, the company stated its cordset offers more than 27 times the metal-to-metal contact than traditional systems.

The company is offerings its LED reverse polarity indicating system on its 30-amp and 50-amp cordsets in 25-inch and 50-inch lengths. The product is available in white or orange.

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