Social Network Offers Guide for First-Time RVers

A picture of the back of an RV driving away from the camera down an oceanside highway. Text imposed on the image says, "Guide. The RVillagers Guide to RVing. Compiled from the voices of RVillage."

As RV travel continues surge this summer, with many people embarking on RV adventures for the first time, RVillage has compiled an assortment of advice and recommendations for novice RVers. RVillage is a social network exclusively for RV enthusiasts, and The RVillagers Guide to RVing is available for free on the social network’s blog.

“We saw an increase in questions all across the platform from people new to RVing,” RVillage founder Curtis Coleman said. “We have quickly become the place to go to for answers and advice from a community of helpful, experienced RVers.”

RVoices, the RVillage blog, sorted through and collected the questions into an online “living” guide. Topics include “RV terminology,” “What RV is right for you,” and more.

“The Guide will never be done,” said Coleman. “RVers learn something new every day, and our expectation is that The Guide will grow as more questions are added and more answers provided.”

RV sales and rentals are on the rise, as families, couples and solo travelers discover the enjoyment of vacationing with the ability to keep a safe distance from other travelers in a self-contained RV.

“RVing is a fantastic way to experience the great outdoors,” Coleman said. “But there are a lot of things to know about life in an RV that won’t come in an owner’s manual.”

RVillage currently has over 275,000 members and has doubled in size in the last year.

“The mission of RVillage is to connect RVers wherever they are, and this is especially important for people who are new to RVing,” says Coleman.

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