Spartan RV Chassis Rebrands Aftermarket Offerings

A picture of a motorhome driving down an empty road with the Red Diamond Aftermarket Solutions logo and words in the top left corner.

Spartan RV Chassis, a Shyft Group brand, introduced a rebranded aftermarket parts and service solution called Red Diamond Aftermarket Solutions.

Red Diamond will offer RV aftermarket products through an online store and authorized Spartan RV chassis service centers across the U.S. To coincide with the rebranding, Red Diamond unveiled three new products: RunFlat, to safely steer and brake during a tire blowout; Air Booster, to keep motorhome tires at the recommended pressure; and a Self-Leveling System.

“We take pride in offering cutting-edge features to consumers when buying a new RV with a premium Spartan chassis, and training and service after the sale,” said Steve Guillaume, president of Shyft Specialty Vehicles. “Today, we are expanding that service to do more for the RV industry. We have renamed our parts and services to Red Diamond Aftermarket Solutions and are broadening our offering to include exclusive and private-labeled parts beyond our current Spartan RV Chassis product portfolio.”

Ray Dalton, Shyft Specialty Vehicles’ director of parts and customer services, said consumers who see the Red Diamond label will know their RV parts and accessories are high-quality, vetted and authorized to meet their specific needs.

“Our engineers work closely with industry-leading suppliers to offer a Red Diamond portfolio for all types of RV owners with a focus on enhancing their safety, comfort and convenience on the road,” Dalton said.

Red Diamond RunFlat is designed for the Type A RV market and constructed with military-grade technology. The product features runner roller technology to protect against heat and friction when engaged. RunFlat is manufactured in the U.S. and compatible with any Type A motorhome with 22.5-inch wheels.

Red Diamond Air Booster lets RVers double onboard chassis air pressure. Air Booster inflates tires to the recommended PSI in seconds and provides other auxiliary air needs without a separate air compressor.

The Red Diamond Self-Leveling System levels RVs without a hydraulic leveling jack. The air spring leveling system can be installed on Type A diesel coaches on a Spartan RV Chassis, model year 2000 or newer.

Access more information about Red Diamond.

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