Survey: 72 Million Plan RV Trips

A picture of an RV on a road trip

A new survey, conducted by Cairn Consulting on 1,280 travelers, found an estimated 72 million Americans plan on taking an RV trip in the next year in an RV they rent, own or borrow.

The total planning to travel is up from 61 million in a survey conducted one year ago. The new survey shows that interest in exploring the outdoors and traveling more with children and family were the top reasons for people planning to go RVing.

RVIA Senior Director of Membership and Research Bill Baker said remote work and school flexibility remain one of the top reasons for RV travel but is not No. 1.

“This new data shows that interest in exploring the outdoors is by far the number one reason for people wanting to take an RV trip,” Baker said. “There has really been a shift in people’s priorities over the past year and their desire to get outside and experience the great outdoors, so it makes sense that more people are turning to RVs as the best way to explore the outdoors.”

The survey showed that 76% of leisure travelers are planning to travel over the 2021 holiday seasons, defined as Thanksgiving through New Year. About 1-in-8 respondents, representing 18.5 million Americans, plan on traveling in an RV during the season.

“RVs continue to be an ideal way to travel to visit friends and family during the upcoming holidays,” Baker said. “Whether visiting iconic destinations or serving as a guest-house-on-wheels, RVs are the perfect way for millions of Americans to travel this holiday season.”

The results also showed half of respondents anticipate traveling more by RV than they had in the past. This includes 12% of respondents who said they plan on RVing for the first time in the next six months. Only 5% plan on doing less RV travel in the next six months than they had in the past.

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