Tesla Cybertruck Gets ‘Disappearing Camper’

A picture of the Tesla Cybertruck camper innovation CyberLandr

Taking a Tesla into the wilderness is becoming a reality with a new innovation that combines a camper/overlander with the Tesla Cybertruck.

Las Vegas-based Stream It announced the CyberLandr, which the company described as a “disappearing camper” that stows entirely within the truck bed, allowing the tonneau cover and tailgate to close. The result is a low gravity center, zero aerodynamic drag and minimal effect on range, Stream It stated.

“Because CyberLandr fits in normal parking spaces and does not obstruct outward visibility, you can take it more places and use it more often, including urban adventures like soccer tournaments and little league games,” Stream It stated. “You can keep snacks cold in the fridge, have a place to relax between games and provide a restroom for the team. And you can also take a hot shower after a day at the beach, or a bike ride before you drive home.”

A picture of the Tesla CyberLandr's interior

The CyberLandr includes internet access, storage space, 360-degree surround surveillance system and freestanding chairs that transform into an RV-size queen bed. A recirculating shower allows users to bathe without running out of hot water, and a dry-flush toilet means no black-water tanks or cassettes to empty or clean, Stream It stated. The camper can be removed from the Cybertruck and stored using a provided dolly.

Other features were made to “complement and enhance the Tesla Cybertruck experience,” including voice-activated automation for the camper’s lights, faucet and electrochromic dimming windows. An on-board water filtration system provides UV sterilization to replenish fresh water when boondocking. The all-electric unit includes 500 watts of solar panel energy to replenish the Cybertruck’s batteries.

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